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Hi. I would like to make my last buy... and never return 500$ for open dynamic hps (used) bass something like rs2, sweet like honey high bass - cello or smthing and mids -vocal range - should be like um... make that "touch the sound"-like feeling. (is it just me or really too few hp's can actually do that?) highs (cymbals and such) like 325i probably no grados - some soundstage would be nice. And not the "first row" feeling. The 7nth row perhaps. I don't want to...
Stan Ridgway Band - Call Of The Northwest 8.0 Nice thread.. but the most awful album I've ever heard was the Gregorian doing Beatles or something. 10 points for them but no other albums can do that. The grades here are too good. 1 should mean OK and 10 the best ever. With these grades varying from 7-10 mostly, I don't feel inspired for looking them up.
First I'm just gonna say that this is the best thread ever! There is so many great moments... I think I will gonna collect those from now on Now my CD pile is far away but here is one: Atlas sound - Ready, set, glow. the intro. wow. listen only with headphones. that's something that speakers don't do so well
Quote: Originally Posted by Jubei Really depends ... I've had some albums that I "got" immediately, yet others don't for the longest time. An example would be jazz - 20+ years ago, I started listening to jazz with Miles and for half a year or so, I was spinning a compilation that did nothing for me. Then one fine day, I sudden began liking it. It was somewhat like an epiphany. It seems that few people like jazz immediately. It has to grow inside...
I usually listen 10-20 sec of the begginning of each track - more if there is a slow intro though. I am very easily bored by music. If it doesn't have me at "hello!" then what the heck. There are plenty of music that has.
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander Sign up for some music service like last.fm. You can listen to "stations" of artists and other artists who are similar. So for example you could get a list of jazz pianists, guitarists, singers, etc. (e.g., like this: 100 Greatest Jazz Pianists), start entering in their names, and zero in on ones that you like. Even if you don't find exactly what you had in mind, you still end up getting a wide exposure to a lot of...
What a wonderful forum Thanks people! Off to library then
There are many similar harmony models for jazz standards. So a tune can share one with many others. I heard that J.Hall made his own tune using the harmony from "Someday my prince will come".. Now. I am in a search for such improvisations which are so good that they could easily be mistaken as an independent tune rather than an improvisation if listened only to the impro(by someone that doesn't know jazz that much.. including myself ). J.Scofield said once that if you...
the HD800 will be even more balanced if you go and mod them balanced. ..couldn't resist. congraz anyway
late 80s, 90s.. totally. mu mu land!
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