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Hi!   Since Nov 2009 we had rehearsals... in May 2010 we had the 1st concert.. and finally, today: we have something recorded:) Happy listening:)     M.
Quote: Originally Posted by jax The concept of "better" is entirely subjective in this hobby, so the answer would vary for the individual regardless of which particular component of the chain you refer to. The concept of "much" is far more subjective in this hobby but... "better" is already entirely subjective.. Quote: Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man I say we can judge better by forum opinions and professional reviews. Some...
Quote: Originally Posted by teishu Does anyone go to gigs on there own ? I think i'd feel really uncomfortable going on my own. :S J if the music is good then there is no problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcpk I'm not quite sure what you mean by non-isolating, These are needed for vocalist in a punk-rock concert. Too much isolation is very annoying in that situation.
Non-isolating iems for less than 200$ with the best midrange and secure fit? (needs to stay in ear when jumping around) thanks!
I made a few pads for 325i to test some angles. the cool thing was that angling "backwards" the opposite of normal (can't describe well.. bad english) makes them more revealing and more easily listenable - for example: listening to a familiar album(i think it was goldfrapp) it occurred that the singer had cold or something. the "m"-s and "n"-s were spelled like she had nasal congestion. That little detail just appeared while listening to other instruments instead. Such...
most of the reviews are based on pieces of music that are not played, recorded, edited and mastered by one and only person. that makes them as subjective as an opinion can be. only visual arts criticism can beat that. i was wondering. perhaps it could be smart thing to collect short audio samples (all instrument types, room effects, complexity examples etc.) from well recorded material so these could cover all the characteristics. upload it somewhere and the "hp a vs....
Quote: Originally Posted by Shike Was this aimed at me? I was referring to the Japanese site . . . no. i meant that there are more graphs than eq graphs. who buys headphones looking at graphs anyway?
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