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SOLD to Keithpgdrb
Sales pending.
I am selling these for $XXX obo w/ original packaging, all contents, AND a 1/4 to 1/8 Grado headphone adapter. I'll eat shipping and paypal fees.   These are in EXCELLENT condition with barely any use and about 300+ hours of burn-in time.   I originally bought them for $200 a while back but they haven't been getting any love :(.   Here is the original thread w/ pictures:  
You just missed out on the deal.... $95 for UE TripleFi 10 @ amazon :(
Still for sale! I just forgot about them...they still have been sitting around and I haven't used them.. I have made sure they didn't collect dust though!   PM me some offers!
Boy it's been a LONG time since I've posted on here.   But the two teams I'm watching most are South Carolina and SDSU :D.   I was pretty upset that SDSU lost against Utah because I went to that game :P. SDSU has done surprisingly well this season so it's all good :)
Quote: Originally Posted by qusp not true, my iphone does not hiss in the slightest My snake hisses.
You can buy a X-minimax mini speaker for your ipods! They sound really great! Or if you're opting for a FM transmitter you could always get the Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter. It's cheap and it's the best one because of the international and mono mode. Read the reviews! They help! P.S.: The one's I listed won't charge the 2nd gen iPod Touch or the 4th gen Nano. I'm not sure about the Nano but it won't charge the...
Which one should I get? The x mini 2 or x mini max? Or should I get two mini 2's and combine them? Thanks!
Yeah I noticed none of the car insurances apply for Massachusetts. I wonder why... Oh and I just needed a list of insurance names so I could get a quote from some of them to see which one works for me..
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