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 12 to 7 is the official time.  I plan to drive up and be there a little earlier.
I saw it came out as well. Disappointed they did not include WiFi to provide the ability to stream. Since it is network card, is the DSD issue related to media software and the source?
Summer confirmed but indicated the HE6 will be discontinued this month
 As to the use of an external amplifier, I am not sure how you can bypass the internal headphone amplifier.  To double amp usually creates more problems than it is worth.  On the v1, they suggested the 47 ohm should be used with maximum volume to bypass the headphone amplifier.  I didn't see that in the current manual on the LH Labs website. The only input is the USB input, so I don't see  how you could bypass the DAC and just use it as an amplifier.
I​ received one on Wednesday as well and it looks the same.  I will have it at the August 8th Chicago Head-Fi meet.  The v2+ manual just went up late yesterday as it needs to have the new driver 2.29 installed.  I did try it with my Galaxy S5, which the original GO worked fine with, I haven't been able to get the v2+ to work with my phone. I am listening right now using Windows 10, Roon and the Grado GH1.  This is much more natural sounding than my original GO.  I am using...
 Replacement or new addition to your stable??
 I will ask Summer Yin, their National Sales Manager and see what she says.
It does not want to work my S5 like the GO v1 would.
Yes. The one on top is the DAC input.I can say I hope the 3D printed final case looks much better. It really makes the unit look like a piece of cheap plastic compared the technology that is inside.
v2+ basically just adds the battery and micro USB input so it can be used with almost all devices such as phones in addition to a laptop.The RED button worked like the big easy button at work.
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