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 I am not sure how you get something on the front page.  I may be wrong but isn't that usually closer to the meet say the 1st of June timeframe? I did invite Jude but I doubt he will be able to make it with so many meets and he still has his day job!!!!.  I don't know how he burns both ends of the candle. I talked to AudioHead (Brian) but right now he has a confict and can't make it but will let us know if that changes. I tried contacting Stereophile Magazine on Facebook...
 I was in the Kickstarter campaign.  I get all the updates.  I sent Manny an email following one of them.  They kick suggesting it probably should have shipped but nothing shows up and still no tracking number.  He had record of my order.  I backed the Geek Pulse Indiegogo project as well but did not request any Geek Outs through that campaign.  I hate to admit how much I spent between those two campaigns. :)
 Yes.  Central Illinois.  
Only 2 months away and this isn't a very long list of attendees.    We have several vendors who are planning on coming so it would be great if we can get more people to attend.   
Disappointed in their communications. I have 2 GO 1000 and the GO 450 and nothing.
Chicago Head-Fiers should try and make it to "The Ear Gear Expo" at Axpona on April 25th - 27th.   I will be there Friday and Saturday to get the latest scoop on any new toys. 
 Me to. 
 Where did you order your upgrade from?  I didn't think it was going to be available until May.
 It depends on how many you recruit   Usually there is in the 35 range but for ChiUniFi 6 there was roughly 60.  Sixty is about the max the room can hold.
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