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Sorry, I can not get the link to work.
Any pictures of the alternative top with the taller 6SN7 alternative tubes?
The Amazon seller is a Chinese Audio company and it ships by DHL. I would rather consider a US Dealer in the event any service is needed.
Are there any US dealers to purchase from or is it only direct?
    Given the production problems with the boards in the past, I have to wonder with this level of complexity, how the manufacturing will go.
Have a great meet this weekend.    
 Did they come with the HD900S while I was sleeping?    I volunteer to the first to audition them.  They must have had those under the table at Axpona.  I knew I should have asked.
 Interesting as I did not get that update.  
 It is back up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQjJke5uM2g
It appears the video has been removed.
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