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 Yes.  I thought it was 64 Audio so I stand corrected but there lead in seems to suggest it. If you've heard about apex you might be wondering what kind of advantages it has over last year's ADEL modules. Jason sums up just the reasons why you should make the switch but there's nothing quite like experiencing the difference for yourself!We encourage you to get your hands on a pair of apex modules and have a listen. And If you don't love the sound (but we know you will) no...
I wish I was in the area for this event. Nothing even close here in Illinois.
Did anyone see their latest Facebook posting? The Apex is said to be patent pending. Also, they state it is superior to the previous Adel module. At least that is how I read it.
I heard he was in Denver but was supposed to be in Chicago. Those land pirates.
My A2A arrived and I use it between my tablet and powered desktop speakers. For power I am using an old 5v cellphone auxiliary battery, the smaller 5000 size. When it is fully charged, it has 4 status lights lit. After maybe 10 hours of use powering the A2A Cable+, it still shows all 4 status lights. The Cable+ does not appear to consume much battery power. As to the sound, the clarity / or maybe just the more ease of the sound is great. Very interesting solution to...
I vote for a Source AV private label Utopia equivalent
Will there be any US retailers?
Where can you just go to just buy them?
There is a new Dynamo 34SE MK II out.  Anyone heard it yet?  8 wpc at the speaker outs and 6 wpc at the headphone out.  Price did increase $200 with the changes:     1. Power Supply - The power transformer has been enlarged by 50%. Much improved insulation and winding techniques result in noiseless operation, and a 40% reduction in generated heat levels.  Filtering and energy storage has been increased by a whopping 70%. The sonic improvement is substantial- deeper,...
Thank you!!! Did it make you want to join the campaign?
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