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Thanks I had missed those options when I purchased music.
It is interesting given the timing of the MAM and the G1. It almost feels like a falling out of the relationship but they had a license agreement allowing them access to the technology. Hope not as it has looked like a symbiotic relationship.
Could I ask where you find them at that price? Blue Coast's normal price is $40. HD Track charges $24.99 for as 192/24 with 15% off sales not to uncommon.
Any comments on today's event?
My pair of S3601 came in and now have a quad I can try on my RSA Apache. When I took out the V5s, I found 1 of the wires on the extension legs had broke. It had not died but just touched enough to work. With no burn in the spaciousness of the music has increased by a significant amount. The female vocals are intimate on Karrin Allyson's "footprints". Time to just kick back and listen.
That is why we have meets
If you are on the West Coast, you may want to give The Source AV a call. They are in the LA area.
I was talking with The Source AV and they have almost sold their entire order of the Carbon.
The revised 1st batch from The Sourve AV is now scheduled to arrive at LAX on 8/8 with most likely clearing customs in a couple of days. Jason thought if all goes well I should have mine by the 12th. We will see, US Customs is wild card but I know they have been working with the broker to expedite the shipment.
New Posts  All Forums: