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I believe it is getting close for the US release. I believe they may go direct to dealers rather than through a single distributer. I suspect the model will look like the Astell Kern model. All options that are still available.  Sonic changes are strictly from the compiling of the code, not actually changes in the code.
 I downloaded and installed this latest version this afternoon.  I have been listening for the past couple of hours. 
 Sounds just like Alex :)
 Given I have the HE5, HE500 and HE6, resistance to the HE560 was futile.  
Look what arrived on Thursday.  I let them break-in using the PAD System Enhancer Ultimate CD for 24 hours.     I was hoping these were as good as I was reading in this thread and they are.     I spent a few hours last evening listening using my iTouch as the source and the BMC Audio Puredac for the DAC.  Since the included cable is only single ended, I ran the Puredac balanced into my RSA Apache and listened using its single-ended out.  This ensured I had enough...
FYI Those who won the PS Audio prizes, they are shipping this week.
Check the latest 999,999 perks. They have gone all out to hit the $1 million.
Go to page 13 of the catalog.
The DAC is great but for me running it into my RSA Raptor takes it to a totally new level with my T1s or even the HD600s.
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