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There are 2 pairs for sale onwww.usaudiomart.com
Received a follow-up email they were able to recreate the problem and looking and updating the driver. They suggest staying with 2.29 for now.
 Below is what they told me to do: The new Windows 10 update has changed the way it accepts digitally signed drivers so if it doesn't like the way one of the drivers is signed, it will block it from being used with the computer. You will need to disable that feature and all should work then.  Here is what I've found, "Many programs which use driver files do not have digital signature authentication, such as the phone drivers or other USB drivers. To receive verified...
Interesting as I received Doge's Cyber Monday announcement.  Had not really heard of the amp and after searching was not really finding anything too current on the product.  Good to see you are enjoying it.  Hopefully 7 months later your feelings are the same but I would not expect otherwise given the other products you own that also look very interesting.
It did not take the code.
I just tried again but 3.26 will not show up in the Control Panel under Manage Audio Devices. It needs to be there to get selected. I disconnected and reconnected the 2G cable and evendors restarted a couple of times but it would not show up.
Yes. I let Exogal install the WyWires cable on their LPS.
Any Black Friday specials on modules?
I recently added an Exogal Comet Plus DAC being fed by Roon and running balanced into my RSA Apache (Sparkos Labs SS3601 opamps) which the Elears are running balanced from using a WyWires headphone cable.  The level of musical enjoyment from this setup is amazing.  The Comet Plus took a while to start to open up but it definitely is coming into its own.  I am finding it difficult to give any of my other headphones much time these days.  While I know how good the Utopia is,...
 Curious about why 2.29 would work as I wouldn't expect LH Labs to have done 2.29 with a driver signature but not 3.26?  
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