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  Okay, I thought it was the reviewer's unit.  Whew, I wondered how he could have been without it very long 
    I picked this up for a raffle for those who attend.  No purchase necessary.
 @doctorjazz Isn't that your Serial Number 0002 ??????  How could survive without it for any length of time?
Any clarification on the balanced cable option?
Originally I think the answer was no but with balanced standard on the v2 and v2+, I don't anymore.
While I am nowhere near your store, I just have to say thanks for keeping stores like yours out there.I have been considering retiring and looking for that 2nd career and it is stores like yours that keep me wondering about the possibilities. However, I have had a few ask, how can you end with a small fortune, just start with a large one in the audio business
Alex did not really say the degree of improvement. I suspect they just continue to refine the process.
I was looking at stands on Amazon s b d missed that one.
Thanks !!
So what DAP are you using your A10s with?
New Posts  All Forums: