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While I have been a supporter of LH Labs, I suspect they have burned through a lot of cash from the campaign.  I hope for the best but I am starting to brace myself for the worse.  
 I can't see there is that level of difference.  Basically that is a 3X price from the basic Infinity.
Quote: ​Thanks.  I struggled with their pricing for the upgrades on the V2+ as they never made sense to me.  The upgrade to the Infinity v2+ was more than the Infinity v2 upgrade and it was the same parts upgrade.  I asked why several times but they never answered my question so I just stayed with the v2+.
Thanks. I started with the medium comply that came on it. I may go back to that as the double flange seems to not provide any comfort as I easily feel the ear tube girth.
What tips are you using? I have the double flange in right now on my U4-SE.
 This is just a random memory but for some reason I thought the SE was basically double the basic v2+ but I could be wrong.
See if this helps but it may not since you are using apple lossless and not flac. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/batch-conversion-of-24-96-flac-to-16-44-1-flac.280625/
 Grado Labs is in New York.  Why not contact them and see if you could stop in and buy from them.  If they won't, then their website has the location map. http://www.gradolabs.com/
I just received my U4-SE with the B1 yesterday. I can not say how the APEX m20 change their performance. From some others, they are similar to the S1 but have 20db reduction instead of 18db of the S1.
If anyone is interested, 64 Audio is running a weekend special on the APEX m20 module.   https://www.64audio.com/
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