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I purchased them several years ago at the RMAF CanJam. I presumed they matched my serial number back to the original purchase as that was a requirement as far as I know.
The cost seemed reasonable at $350 compared to new.
I just had my old 13PROs upgraded to the FP. Right now, I am very pleased but only have had them back for a few days. I am using them with a Calyx M which is a good pairing.
subscribed.  Hope they are at Axpona's Ear Gear Expo.
No explanation is needed.  I think there was just confusion as I was suggesting they would not be at the meet but instead was trying to announce HiFiMAN was going to be at Axpona.  Sorry for all the confusion.  It is actually better as now all their "stuff" will be available for 3 days and not just during the meet.  I can see some head-fiers parking at their table :)
Just to clarify, the change was Peter / HiFiMAN deciding to attend EGX and therefore no reason to send anything to me to bring to the meet. HiFiMAN has always been very good at sending me equipment for the Chicago Head-Fiers to hear. Fang and Ray were at the early ChiUniFi supporting the group. I am sure Peter would have sent them.
EGX is Ear Gear Expo at Axpona.
The HE1000 should be at their EGX table.
Some bad news first. HiFiMAN won't be sending me the HE 1000 and other goodies But it looks like Peter and Summer will be at EGX at a HiFiMAN table with their goodies. They are finalizing the arrangements so hope it all works out.
 The Pulse will not have shipped so it will be the Puredac.
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