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 Thanks Dan. I just reserved my room for Friday and Saturday night.
 I just tried again and neither Friday or Saturday night were available at the group rate.  The next best rate at the regular Westin O'hare site was $170 for a prepaid rate, which means I could not cancel if something came up.
 Rooms are already sold out at the Westin so most likely I will not be attending. 
Check out Brian's thread. He is trying to incorporate a headphone meet on Saturday at the show. I purchased the 3 day pass.
I purchased a three day pass but haven't booked the hotel.
 What about the first Headphone Tour done by HeadRoom who traveled across the country in that white van carrying all those early HeadRoom amplifiers and the array of headphones available at the time.  The ring leader was none other than Tyll.  I think they had the BlockHead along with a highend Wadia CD Player.   In the Chicago area, it was head at the Shure facilities.  I still have my HeadRoom mug from that event. :)
Right now, I will plan on attending.  Here is what I would plan to bring:   Headphones: HiFiMAN HE-400i HiFiMAN HE-560   AMP / Source Geek Pulse Infinity with LPS4 if it ships in time If not, BMC Pure DAC   I will also have my Calyx M along if anyone wants to hear it.
 I couldn't locate the new thread for the official meet, any update?
Had sound but something just was not clicking. I will say they seem fragile compared to the T1. They did not seem like $2K headphones from their physical appearance and feel. Another Saturday venture will be needed.
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