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 If it really isn't 64 Audio, I wouldn't take the risk.  I guess I thought it was.  As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  If you build the RSA balanced, I would recommend trying to build it without the normal angled bracket.  On the LC, the angled / cable goes right across the volume and it is a tight fit.  For the SR-71B, the volume is to the left but on the LC it is on the right.
Pretty much what I found with the Pulse Infinity.
Here is something you don't see every day.  64 Audio has the U10 on Amazon for $1100 compared to their website which shows a price of $1399.   That is a pretty good savings.  The Amazon item though didn't become available until June 13, 2016.
I had heard a rumor that a PS2Ke might be coming out based on the GS2Ke platform but it was only a rumor, it now sounds like it may be closer to happening.
Thank you @Stillhart
I look forward to seeing how well the Elear scales as well.
I would suggest calling 64 Audio and talk with Isabel or Alex about your burrs and the chip. I would think they would not hesitate to have you return your A12s to correct the problem. However, that would mean being without them for a week or so.
Yes. You are a great customer and they should be sure to take care of you.
For what you spent with 64 Audio, they should contact you and have them returned and refreshed.
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