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It easily drives my HE-6; HE-500 and the the HE-560.
Are you defining soon based on the Webster dictionary or LH Labs definition
My WyWires HiFiMan adapters just came in so I could use my balanced WyWires RED.  All I can say is WOW.  I don't want to take them off.  I suspect the biggest impact is being able to run balance out of my RSA Apache instead of single ended.  Everything just seems much more dimensional.   As I mentioned to HiFiMan, I was really surprised they didn't terminate these headphones with the 4 pin XLR and include the single ended adapted. 
We did not. Isn't it usually the 2nd weekend in November to keep it far enough way from Thanksgiving.
It is what it is and we all have choices to make. What influences my decision to buy from a particular manufacturer is different from others. That is why there are so many firms in the market these days.
 No, the HPA 3000 is being updated to be fully balanced in and out.  However, timing seems to still be evasive as I believe they are focusing on their new DAC that is just now trickling out.
 In the digital world, I think you seriously need to consider the upgrade path if  you are looking to get into a manufacturer product line.  I also own the Meridian 808.2i preamp / CD player and they basically left me stranded.  My value tanked when they came out with the 808.3 and mine was not upgradeable and they provided a limited trade in option.  They did the same with my DSP5200 speakers, which are digital based as well and then they came out with new versions.  My...
I asked the upgrade option question as I also have a PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac.  I bought it as a MK I and then upgraded it to the MK II.  I was able to add the bridge and now they have a special upgrade price for going to the new DirectStream.  I can do the upgrades myself, send it in to them and let them do it or I can trade it in and get a brand new DirectStream, all better than just going out and buying a new and trying to sell the old.   I was just hoping BMC Audio...
Any upgrade path for PureDac owners?
I purchased both as well. I put the Focus on the HE500. Interesting though was trying to tell them apart. They were not individually packaged. The definitive way to tell them apart is the inner ring finish. On the regular Focus pads, this is finished with the pleather with small air holes. This is not on the FocusA pads as they just have the fabric inner ring. I had to ask Summer at HiFiMan as I could not tell.
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