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Urban HIFI is at the Capital Audiofest this weekend. Does any I ne know if they are using a different power supply than the stock? It would seem a good place and time to introduce it.
 How long is the wait?
I will let you know. Thanks
Could I ask what happened to the AK version of the Angies?  They are no longer on your site but the Roxanne's and Layla are.
 Still a few available" http://www.head-fi.org/t/771098/new-grado-gh1-headphone-available-for-pre-order-at-ttvjaudio/45#post_11866933
 No sonic, but my ears got warm with the official Grado and a little fatiguing while I haven't experienced that with the EarZonk.  For me, comfort will usually come first as long term uncomfortable headphones end up staying off my head.
I have not done any official testing but from memory there seems more detail / clarity with the official Grado G cushion but comfort definitely drops from the hard edge around the ear.
I received the official Grado G cushions. I am not s.ure why they have the hard edge on the outer front ring where they meet your head as well on the inner back where they fit over the driver.
The cable arrived and works as it should. The flipping of the connectors actually allows the S5 and the v2+ to be situated correctly.
I thought I read where this is the headphone that was at the Chicago meet back on the 8th.
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