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how much are we talking about?  mine probably going to need a new pair of pads.  not now but, i can see me wanting one, maybe in half a year?  9 months. 
how do you like it?
 i remember you liked it with the wa22.  still like them with wa5le? 
  any difference between the matal base and the brown base?  it's much cheaper now for the brown base.
anybody know what's the difference between kr audio 300b ballon tubes and regular tubes? 
i actually heard l3 and lisa (was it 3?  i don't remember, older version) few times.  very good amp.  the only thing holding me back was the size, didn't think i would bring an amp with me(i am now).  and the battery life(5 hours with 2 9v battery?).  it sound great with headphones, and also ciems(also dead silent).   
never had a chance to listen to a wa2 with t1.    gsx with t1 actually too resolving.    was your t1 balanced when you had your wa22?  i tried my t1 balanced, with my friends wa22 with upgraded tubes(u52, 5998 and sylvania 6sn7wgt) and cables.  i thought it ain't bad but i still prefer my wa5 over wa22 quite a bit.  the bass sure was light, lighter.  but still goes very deep.  vocal was actually a little more, in your face, type.  soundstage was wide, wide enough. ...
  remember to have a listen with wa5 if you get a chance.  i prefer my t1 with tube sound more.  much more.
thanks for the info     but manufaktur or not, i hope they treat their customer the same(in a perfect world, i think).  either it's a manufaktur headphone user, t1 user or a dtx301 user.  i am a beyer user for a long time and i have a lot of beyer headphones.  no issue with them.  but i probably going need some service from them.  my old dt231(10 year old?) has a cable issue and my 2005 dt880/990 have a sticky head band issue.  and i need a pair of new t1 ear pads.  let...
didn't know about it.  30 hours?  i guess no more excuse.  if nothing change(as the website says), it's simply, easily the best portable amp.  i'm going to get it.
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