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i thought the skinny one sound pretty good already
didn't know there are two types of bottle for gz37.  you mind to show us some pictures? 
    i think wa5 can be very tubey.  specially with gz37.  which one is more tubey?  wa5 or wa22?  of course with tubey tube
    my gut feeling tells me your audio space 300b amp should sound better.  better is a very bad word though.  or let me put it this way, if i were you, i would prefer the 300b amp to gsx mk2.  i have the gsx and i sure prefer my 300b, wa5 much much more.  too much clinical sound is never good for the t1.  t1 sound a bit like hd800 with gsx.    maybe i'll go try the audio space 300b amp later.  shouldn't be too hard to try, audio space is a hong kong brand and i'm here...
    i think i'm good with gz37 then.  a romanic sound is what i'm looking for, most of the time. 
is gz34 as warm and smooth as gz37?  what you guys like more than the 37?  i only tried a few rectifier tubes, eml and rca 5u4g for example.  each has it different sound and character but i like gz37 the best.  i really like the smooth sound of gz37. 
    how much was it?  i remember 596 was like 10 dollars?  or less last year.
    too hard and expense to get now.  i acutally like my gz37 more than my eml 5u4g, which is bigger :)
    i thought you have have plenty of expenice, 9394 :)       seriously you guys have any experience on gz34 and 37? 
how does gz34 comparing to gz37?  from my experience for tubes, size matter.  the bigger, most of the time, the better
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