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what about gz37?  gz34?
  sounds like it's easy to go.  akihabara, that's a lot of electronics/audio shops around.   anybody know about tax return in japan?  i know if you shop in a big shopping mall.  somebody at the mail(concierge) can help. but if shopping at a store, same? 
 thanks but i didn't mean online.  actually buying the tubes in japan. 
any grado user here? 
anybody know where to get this in japan?  with the yen going south, a good excuse to take a visit? 
  i didn't know.  i got them only because they were on sale at that time.  i asked before and i checked too but i didn't find much information.  i've been using them a while so i think it's safe to use kr audio 300b balloon with wa5
  i got a pair, balloons too, last year or maybe longer(i don't remember) and there was a slight, very slightly unbalance.  the left was tiny bit louder.  lucky i got one from a local dealer so i exchanged another pair.  i wonder if i can hear it if i was using speaker amp. 
  yea but with bigger price.  i remember hfi550 was like under 200 dollars?  and hfi700 was like 250?  pro550 and pro 750 was like 2, 3 hundred?  performance 880 is now 499. 
thanks for the review lojay.    been thinking getting a even more tubey sounding amp than wa5, i guess 4-45 is just not that.  need to look for something else.   did you try a t1 with 4-45?
  i remember hearing it some time ago at the hong kong hifi show, i think i heard the 880 and i remember they do have punchy impactful bass.  but my signature dj or even dj1 has more bass.
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