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  do beyers offer 3 pin balanced cable? 
  amazing looks like those are shunyata power cable.  sigma series?  which one are you using?  digital or hc?  i'm thinking getting one for the wa5.  probably a alpha.  would a digital be enough?  or hc, more power/high current the better? 
there's a hifi show happening this weekend in hong kong.  see i can see this new version
sure it is expensive.  this hobby is expensive
  i remember asking drew from moon audio and they do those umbilical cable for woo audio and headamp, gsx.  stefan audio might do those cable as well. 
  i heard some, not a lot, but i thought it's there, a little hum stacking them together using hd800, 3 pin xlr.  and i heard some hum using uerm.  not stacking them together, no hum
no speaker out for wa5?  this doesn't look like a wa5 le.  it has a k1k jack(now it says HP)  tell us what's the difference please? 
  the t90 sound pretty good with the s6.  there are times when even prefer the s6 with t90 over the wa5. 
i only use 6v6gt and rca 6sn7 and rca gz34 so my s6 is very tubey.  even more tubey than my wa5, using mullard gz34, sylvania vt231 and either kr300b or psvane 300b     and, you guys sounded like tubey is bad
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