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  the 300b?  nice you talked a bit about the eml and the psvane 274b on wa5.  i have both and both sound very good.  to me, it's a coin flip.  very dynamic and transparent.  but i want to tube amp to sound tubey so i didn't care too much for neither.  but if i have to chose, i probably would take the psvane because they're cheaper, at least here in hong kong. 
  you make me want to get a pair of th900.  congrats on the gsx
  i actually prefer this to kr audio 300b baloon.  the kr isn't as smooth as the psvane. 
  no, just 121.  owning a headphone like this is pretty good already
I've been enjoying my sig dj for a couple years. It's sure a fun headphone. And it's quite forgiving. A lot of music sound good
RIP   calvin richardson should make a facts of life 2
X2. i love my balanced gs1000 with rp010. 
  sylvania 6sn7 and eml300b both should sound airy and full. i don't have the 5r4gy you mentioned but my guess is you work on the recitifier tubes. try either eml 5u4g or psvane 274b. 
  what do you mean?  the signature pro(even the dj)comes with 2 cables.  a short one, don't remember the length and a long one, 10 feet.
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