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  those racks' prices are getting crazy the past few years.  but with a wa5, you probably going to need one. 
  why 5r5gy?  i know brimar has 5u4g too.  any difference? 
  congrats on the wa5le.  go get the tubes.  the price is still reasonable. 
   how much are you willing to let them go?
  i forgot all about that when i made my order last year.  justin just shipped the right voltage, which is a 220v. 
you have a couple more Silent?
box and manual? 
anybody has the new version(s)?  the black or the pink one? 
ed8 sound quite different than both the signature headphones so i prefer different headphone amp
harmony design is good, headamp is better, and rudistor is amazing with the signature line headphones. 
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