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  let me send him an email later.  thanks
beautiful work.  but am i too late for the party?  this is an old thread and also his website is also kind of outdated
  yea it's been almost a year.  still sound so very good!  but that's not actually surprising(from ps1000 to hd800).  what really surprise me was, it sounds great with UERM.  a CIEM.  that combo, the best i've ever heard from a monitor. 
  are you going to use it with rp100? 
 signature pro sound more like hfi780 than pro 900.
i heard esw11 ltd too.  maybe i'm not a at fan at all.  nothing special at all.  and it doesn't really isolate.    and signature pro, for a portable setup, should sound better than ed8.  at a home/stationary setup, they're in the same league. 
any reason?  not saying signature pro is bad.  actually i like signature pro more more than ed8.  it's my to go portable headphones. 
  i thought you have ed8?
  i got the signature pro since they first came out, so i have them for more than 2 years now, sn114.  i used them a lot.  they're my go to portable headphones(less lately with t51 out).  and also use them at home sometimes.  i don't baby them but i don't abuse them neither.  whenever i don't use them i just put them in the case.  it's not bad.  still hold up.  just whenever i use the signature dj(that i don't use them a lot), i feel i want a new pair.  it's much nicer...
  just checked, and ouch!
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