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 i have some rca 6sn7 and mullard gz34.  but i'll let the amp burn-in/settle before putting in any new/different tubes.  thanks for the advise
  thanks, i'll try some grados later. not really a fan of audeze.  hifiman, i'll get he6 once i recover from this purchase.  but i do have wa5 and gsx for the job.  which tubes/tubes combination has the less hum? 
guess i'm the latest member of studio 6?  i've ordered it last week from the local dealer and received it yesterday.    i've heard some hum, from my t5p to signature pro.  a little less hum from my hd800.  it was much more noticeable when i first turned it on.  maybe/can be completely gone with more hours?  i had it on, on and off, for , like 10 hours maybe.  i don't think it's the tubes.  i've heard bad tubes before.  i can try later.  i really have some spares tubes. 
are those tubes?
  i much prefer my signature pro over my ed8le.  ed8le, it's beautiful.  i like looking at it. but for sound, signature pro easy.  on the road or at home.  i've been using the headphones for full 3 years.  my most use headphones of my collection.  now i only need new pads:)
 what about a tube source with gsx?  problem solved.  you get some tube sound that way
A lose screw? Mine don't have any sound
yea, i have a pair of 300b.  my first upgrade from stock tubes.  decent tubes and works fine.  that's not the answer you're looking for right?  looking for something different for your b52?
what about gz37?  gz34?
  sounds like it's easy to go.  akihabara, that's a lot of electronics/audio shops around.   anybody know about tax return in japan?  i know if you shop in a big shopping mall.  somebody at the mail(concierge) can help. but if shopping at a store, same? 
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