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  nice.  so is the u1.  sinn is nice.  maybe 2014?
 px4 sound sweeter than 12au7 maybe?  what about in general b52 vs pinnacle? 
you like hd800 more with the pinnacle than b52? 
  my rp010 is incredible with signature pro.  my gsx mk2 also very nice with signature dj. 
hi Sopp, how long is the cable?
  actually, have THEY heard ed12?
 i love this album with t1
yea great deal, too bad it's only 6 ft
  i thought about getting them since i was in tokyo couple weeks ago but i remember someone, from a hong kong audio forum, saying not easy to get them in japan(tokyo?).  most audio shops don't carry them.  so i didn't bother.  maybe i'll try again next year? 
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