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 i guess so, especially the t1.  without the warmth, i think the t1 sound lifeless.  and i have my recable to black dragon, which is a copper cable, so somewhat similar to the stock cable? 
i guess i'm a little different then.  i build(still building) my rig around T1.  i really love the wa5 with t1, like it a lot with rp010b but i hate gsx mk2 with the t1.  to simply put it, gsx made it sound like, look for the all the head-fiers' comments about how they hate the t1.  i'm not saying gsx is bad.  it sounds great with almost all of my headphones, just not the t1, or t70, or dt990.  on the other hand, wa5 just amazing with t1, and t70, and dt990.  hope to get...
  pictures please when you get them
  wa5?  i thought gsx is pretty good with almost all my headphones except t1.  t1 needs wa5
  no but i've been looking at those too.  anyone know the difference between the regular one and the balloon one? 
  those racks' prices are getting crazy the past few years.  but with a wa5, you probably going to need one. 
  why 5r5gy?  i know brimar has 5u4g too.  any difference? 
  congrats on the wa5le.  go get the tubes.  the price is still reasonable. 
   how much are you willing to let them go?
  i forgot all about that when i made my order last year.  justin just shipped the right voltage, which is a 220v. 
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