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 what do you mean first for them?  
   you know i was asking it for you
  i heard you saying 234 is better than wa5 before, but sound signature wise, how close are they?  of course using the same tubes combinations. 
those are bendix 5992?  what are you using for the 6sn7 and the ob2?
  and yes, that's how you build a rig for the t1.  wa2 when you needed a tube sound and a corda classic for ss.  i heard both with the t1.  wonderful setup
 i didn't bother to try again.  i never use the case anyway
  how do you like it so far?
  i'm a bit late.  you order/buy it yet?   i didn't get a max wa5 because i know always for more and different sound.  so i used that extra money(plus some more) for extra amp, which was gsx.  very happy with the amps.  besides, i would/will(only have the wa5 for 3 years) probably want to use that extra money for better cd player(source), better tubes, better cables or other accessories. 
  did you upgrade for any better caps? 
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