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  i'm a bit late.  you order/buy it yet?   i didn't get a max wa5 because i know always for more and different sound.  so i used that extra money(plus some more) for extra amp, which was gsx.  very happy with the amps.  besides, i would/will(only have the wa5 for 3 years) probably want to use that extra money for better cd player(source), better tubes, better cables or other accessories. 
  did you upgrade for any better caps? 
grado is nice.  but i only heard my ps1000 once with the amp.  gs1000 is very nice
by the way, what is/are your favorite headphones with the s6?  so far, i like ed8 and t5p a lot with it.  i remember testing it with lcdxc, which was very nice together
the ob2 i have, mullard, rca, raytheon, and mazda, i think i prefer the mazda.  i don't know what it is, the presentation maybe? 
what about ob2?  so far, changing the ob2 tubes seems like a minor tweak. 10% of the sound, maybe? 
  i have experience with gz37.  actually my favorite with my wa5.  not a clear favorite over gz34 but i do enjoy the gz37 a lot.  one thing, gz37 doesn't last very long.   if using on s6, it should only last even less, am i right?  does s6 get hotter using gz37?   and studio six is a beautiful sounding amp.  i like it so far. 
  i'm check on some brimar, mazda and rca later(still recovering from this purchase). and bendix 5992, i'll try that later but will be after trying all the 6v6g(big bottle).  i always refer the big bottle from my experience with 6as7/6080.  i never like the small bottle(6080). 
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Interesting. Didn't know thatI don't know. I've using the s6 for a month but i think the amp and/or the stock tubes only settling just now. Besides, the amp is really, special. I always forget about the time when listening to it. Maybe it's the music(i always using my favourite cds for new equipment). Maybe it's the tubes combination(lucky try?), rca 6sn7, Westinghouse 6v6gt, mullard ob2 And sylvania gz34. So very musical and very enjoyable. You can see the tubes...
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