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i only have the s6 for a couple months.  don't have anything experience with the dac.  i like it with hd800 but i don't use hd800 enough.  or at least when i use hd800, i prefer ss.  and people here seems to like the s6 with audeze
how long is the cable?
  my ps1000, original version, maybe slightly brighter than my t90.
  5k....i don't know if it a lot or not.....you know the he1000 is coming out....and other stuff.....hack, i want to get an lcdxc.....another pair of t1.... headphones or watches....ugh
  nah, i didn't read it right.   that one, very very nice.  how much are we talking about for the tourbillion raymond weil?  i never really care too much for the brand, no dis.  but this, tourbillion/nabucco series, i like it a lot
tourbillion movement.  ooh, thanks.  missed that. nice, very nice
  i like
 what do you mean first for them?  
   you know i was asking it for you
  i heard you saying 234 is better than wa5 before, but sound signature wise, how close are they?  of course using the same tubes combinations. 
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