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  i heard this too couple days ago.  would've been nice/nicer to listen to it in a quiet room.  still, it was so very nice
interesting, nobody cares..     i wanted to register but for time zone, sony has china only for gmt+8,  instead hong kong.  they have other countries for gmt+8.    i want r10 to come back but i want even more they respect the market and the people of hong kong.     p.s.:  they do have a website of 
i did more search, seems like el33 is NOT 6v6     i haven't really played with the tubes enough.  i still need more time :0
anybody try el33 or 6f6?  are those supposed to be same as 6v6?
anybody try a ecc32?
still my favorite after all these years(hd800)                      ok, i've been using t1.2 more lately
  you mean the umbilical cable? 
power conditioners, i don't do it for the s6.  i did it for the whole system :)   vibration control, a weak point here.  i never really do it, not that because i don't believe it.  just don't have the time yet to try any.  i did try with a few pucks.  not working for the s6   tubes, i've been using some mullards and rcas.  not the best but they do sound smooth and romanic, which is what i want, i think   cables, i've tried a few and i think my previous version...
  i heard the raptor a few years back and it was a very long time ago, i don't even remember what headphones i was using, i don't even remember how it sounded but my impression was good.  as the sennheisers, i'm not so sure if they sing better balanced or single ended.  to me, it's just different.  both of my single ended tube amps sound so very musical and the balanced ss amp, gsx-mk2, sounds so spacious and precise and the details.  i like them both.  maybe the b-52 can...
how long is the cable?
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