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Wow, that's not good. Have you tried again with that combo?
  yea, a little bit. i wanted to have something like that(still do, er4 is still a very very good iem by today's standard, when pairing with a good amp).  i have a vendor to make me an xlr cable(10 feet) for my jh16 now.  sound incredible with rp010. 
i'm still very happy with my rp010 mkii for 5 years.  still enjoying your balanced er4? 
2.5 hours? the website says 6.5     "Time for battery up to 6.5 hours under high resolution music playing"     http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/digital/Suzanne.html
  yes it's very true and all this is holding me back and i consider myself a potential customer.  i even tried to find and found a distributor here in hong kong before
 so very nice!
  you have a picture of this new t1(v2)?
  that's a good idea.  much like the old dt770 kind of headband
  if this was all about saving a few bucks.  i can understand that.  besides, it's cheaper than when the t1 first came out.  anyway, i tried it earlier this month at the hong kong hifi show.  it felt the same, at least when wearing it.  and i've been using my old t1 almost once they were out.  can't wait the new t1 to hit the market.  p.s.:  the only thing i want more, a little more bass, dynamic driver bass.
  i mixed up again with the analog and the digital.  i was wondering if a hc is better than an analog when using with a wa5(any wa5 user using a shunyata?), or your case wa234.  i actually have a alpha analog, using with another headphone number(rp010b).  i tried the analog with the wa5 before but that was before.  something missing, maybe it didn't have enough burn-in.  i'll try it again.  but the sigma series, yea true, too expensive for my setup.  i checked sigma hc...
New Posts  All Forums: