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how is the b52 comparing to the apache? :)   i actually really have been thinking about this and the apache, on and off for the years.  i read a lot on the b52 and the apache.  i know the b52 is better in almost every way but i do like the apache to be able to amp iems.  i don't know if it's a must but i do enjoy my iems balanced sometimes(jh16, 1964q and uerm) using my rp010b.  on the other hand or more importantly, i always like how the grados sound with rsa xp-7 and...
anybody tried a esoteric cd player with a woo before? 
i saw this just now, and i was thinking i only drink it straight up. what about you guys?    http://www.head-fi.org/t/794794/the-decline-of-drinking-straight-whiskey
Wow, that's not good. Have you tried again with that combo?
  yea, a little bit. i wanted to have something like that(still do, er4 is still a very very good iem by today's standard, when pairing with a good amp).  i have a vendor to make me an xlr cable(10 feet) for my jh16 now.  sound incredible with rp010. 
i'm still very happy with my rp010 mkii for 5 years.  still enjoying your balanced er4? 
2.5 hours? the website says 6.5     "Time for battery up to 6.5 hours under high resolution music playing"     http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/digital/Suzanne.html
  yes it's very true and all this is holding me back and i consider myself a potential customer.  i even tried to find and found a distributor here in hong kong before
 so very nice!
  you have a picture of this new t1(v2)?
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