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X2. i love my balanced gs1000 with rp010. 
  sylvania 6sn7 and eml300b both should sound airy and full. i don't have the 5r4gy you mentioned but my guess is you work on the recitifier tubes. try either eml 5u4g or psvane 274b. 
  what do you mean?  the signature pro(even the dj)comes with 2 cables.  a short one, don't remember the length and a long one, 10 feet.
Congrats. And after market cable does make a difference.
It does sound different enough for me. Gs1000i is the smooth one with large soundstage and ps1000 is the exciting one
I don't know about rs1, i only heard of it and it was a long time ago. I always think the gs1000, ps1000 and rs1/rs1i sound different. Not really better or worse. I even use different amps for my ps1000 and gs1000i. Anyway, this is a good headphones and I'm glad to own it
  is it possible to have moon audio(or other vendor) to make an extension cable for stax?  (yea grado extionsion cable is awful)
  let me send him an email later.  thanks
beautiful work.  but am i too late for the party?  this is an old thread and also his website is also kind of outdated
  yea it's been almost a year.  still sound so very good!  but that's not actually surprising(from ps1000 to hd800).  what really surprise me was, it sounds great with UERM.  a CIEM.  that combo, the best i've ever heard from a monitor. 
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