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I think better
  hi andy, any place to try it here in hong kong?
looks great, no box right?
  i heard my balanced t1 with my friend's wa22 and it was very very good.
hello, you still have it?
i don't see a headphone amp only amp as a bad thing(weakness), less distortion maybe?      and the s6 is now my go to amp with hd800
if you just want some extra kick, why not just some good loud music? 
  i heard this too couple days ago.  would've been nice/nicer to listen to it in a quiet room.  still, it was so very nice
interesting, nobody cares..     i wanted to register but for time zone, sony has china only for gmt+8,  instead hong kong.  they have other countries for gmt+8.    i want r10 to come back but i want even more they respect the market and the people of hong kong.     p.s.:  they do have a website of www.sony.com.hk 
i did more search, seems like el33 is NOT 6v6   http://www.radiomuseum.org/forum/el33_el33_6v6.html     i haven't really played with the tubes enough.  i still need more time :0
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