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    what is it you like or don't like about the wa6?  i have a silver wa5 and silver st6.  both sound very different.  wonder how it/they sound with a k05
  there was some hum when i first got the amp but gone after some burn-in/100 hours around
Just curious, what makes you like the pro 900 better? The openness?
Are you running the Sony balanced with the gsx?
Comparing hd800? This akg is one bassy headphones(which isn't?). And i like it so far. It's very new. Only playing its fifth song. Still very nice already
Maybe i miss it, what amp(stationary) do you guys like best so far?
 how was it?
Did you get the kr 300b and/or the 274b? How was them?
If you put it in the wrong direction, you should be able to hear it to sound strange, or wrong. Try it yourself
Wish i had the space to do that. And actually not surprising you are having positive results because that would make it/them with less interference.
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