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  i didn't know.  i got them only because they were on sale at that time.  i asked before and i checked too but i didn't find much information.  i've been using them a while so i think it's safe to use kr audio 300b balloon with wa5
  i got a pair, balloons too, last year or maybe longer(i don't remember) and there was a slight, very slightly unbalance.  the left was tiny bit louder.  lucky i got one from a local dealer so i exchanged another pair.  i wonder if i can hear it if i was using speaker amp. 
  yea but with bigger price.  i remember hfi550 was like under 200 dollars?  and hfi700 was like 250?  pro550 and pro 750 was like 2, 3 hundred?  performance 880 is now 499. 
thanks for the review lojay.    been thinking getting a even more tubey sounding amp than wa5, i guess 4-45 is just not that.  need to look for something else.   did you try a t1 with 4-45?
  i remember hearing it some time ago at the hong kong hifi show, i think i heard the 880 and i remember they do have punchy impactful bass.  but my signature dj or even dj1 has more bass.
  frankly i like the signature pro the most
 they don't sound anything close.  both are great headphones though
  thanks for the info/link.  i didn't know socket extenders exist.  anybody has any experience with those?  i have some psvane 6sn7 and always wonder how they would sound with kr 300 balloon
i saw them(along with 860 and 840) at the hong kong hifi show over the weekend.  actually i'm not so sure if it's called performance 880.  i don't know much about them. nobody was around me.  guess they were too busy helping the other guys with the edition headphones.  the guy used to answer me question at the show every year left ultrasone(dealer/distributor) so i don't have much information.  but the 3 models all have detachable cable.  the one with 880 has a cable like...
  no, it had everything.  from he6, hd800 to t1 to ed8/10/12.  even stax 009 with wes. 
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