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Thanks My experience with ultrasone(see my profile), usually takes a lot of time to sound good. right out of the box, it's very nice already
  i just got this headphones today.  i'll try all my amps but i bet my old trusty rp010b would sound great.  i'll get back to you(guys).
    very true.  it's just a lot of money or too much money or just a headphones.  still, headphones and speakers are two different things.  i actually was thinking getting a pair of focal sm6 speakers before.  about the same money as the utopia. 
anyone try the focal utopia with the studio six?
  two studio six?
  the wa5 only support 300b
anybody has any experience with kr audio 5u4g or 274b?
I think better
  hi andy, any place to try it here in hong kong?
looks great, no box right?
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