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You're entitled you opinion. Maybe your t1 is faulty or maybe you do think t1 is not very good. It's all good. And i love my t1 with wa5. And wa5 also sounds great with the k812. The dynamic is incredibly good while still musical. Gsx is nice too but sometimes feel lack life a bit.
Thanks. Have you tried any other stax amp?
Have you tried some stax amp like the 727 or 007? How does it compare to the stax amps?
We have different gears, but me it's a little different. I'm a t1 guy. Love the t1 (both v1 and v2) more than the akg still i like the k812 a lot. I think i only listened the hd800 once or twice since i got the akg
This could happen(already). akg had different versions before, from k240 to k340 to k1000, k501. K812 has a short history so maybe not much change(yet)
There are two types of k812?
Any ball fan here?
Mine was my first g-shock with hands, also first g-steel. Really don't feel like a g-shock. Not that it's not nice. Actually i love it but this is really different than the g-shock i have
You guys are creating a sphere?! How cool is that! Next step, a dyson sphere? Congrats. That's some huge/massive thing/expectations. I'll be patient. Make something great!
 or hopefully a cheaper version of signature pro?
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