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I more I listen, the more I appreciate what the JH-3A can do.  The layering, the detail and bass quality are quite good.  I also think the soundstage is remarkable for an iem.     I think Jerry is on the right track.  Even if he had to change the design a bit.  I know JH audio made many mistakes with the pre-order and also had many challenges to overcome.  However, I am glad there are people like Jerry willing to push the envelope and try to create innovative...
Your diagram is correct.  
I made an RCA to 4-pole 3.5mm plug.  
  I would say that my hd800 rig with ps audio PWD and RSA B-52 still has a decent edge over the JH-3A.  However, The JH-3A competes extremely well and at a much much lower price point.  I think the JH-3A represents quite a good value in terms of a price to performance ratio.     My sensaphonic 2-Xs and 3 max iems sound great.  They offer the most isolation of any iem out there.  But, the JH-3A still wins in bass quality and overall clarity.  The JH-3A allows you to look...
Yeah, I'm wondering if I should wait a while before retuning my unit to have the line in toggle switch fixed.  It could take weeks to have another unit to give me to replace it!  At least the digital in works and the unit is dead quiet and sounds great.    
Got my unit last week.  It sounds great!  Better than my expectations.  I will give more impressions later.  I have to send my earpieces in for a small fit adjustment.  Also, I just noticed that I can't toggle between digital and line in.  There is something wrong with the switch.  Other than that, I couldn't be happier and am glad I waited it out.
I got mine last week, however I was out of town so started listening only yesterday.  All I can say is that it blows away any expectations I previously had.  I knew it would sound good, but I never imagined it would be this good.  My only problem is a slight fit issue in my left ear.  It looks like they didn't just modify my old jh-13's but scanned them and remade them with the new electronics.  I hope they are willing to fix it.
I'm curious if anyone heard the dark star with the hd800's?
Any impressions of the JH-3A yet?  
This sucks!
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