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ALO cable for CLAS.  Includes a mini to mini and digital LOD.  Asking $125.00 shipped.   I accept paypal or MO.  PM me if interested.
ALO SXC Balanced HD800 cable terminated to 2x3pin furutech xlr connectors.  Cable sounds great and looks brand new.   Asking 225.00 shipped.     PM me if interested.
HD800's in excellent condition.  I am the original owner and the phones have been used in a non-smoking household.  They look brand new and come with the original packaging.  Please note that the stock cable has been re-terminated to an 1/8 inch jack.   Asking $sold.00 shipped.  I accept paypal or MO.   PM me if interested.   Please note that the headphone stand in the pictures is not included.  IF the buyer is interested, I would be willing to sell with the phones.
CLAS in perfect condition.  Comes with original packaging and charger.  Unit sounds great and will make a great addition to any portable setup.   Asking $450.00 shipped.  Paypal or MO accepted.   Also, if the buyer is interested, I have the ALO mini to mini and Digital LOD.  I would be willing to make a deal on both.
Headamp Pico Slim Limited Edition(lifetime warranty) in mint condition.  This is a great little amp and will make someone's portable rig very happy!     Asking $SOLD.00 Shipped.  I accept paypal or MO.  Comes with original packaging and charger.   Thanks for looking.
RSA B-52 in mint condition.  Here's your chance to own a fantastic amp for a discount price.  Everything is in pristine condition and was used in a non-smoking household.  Comes with original tubes.  I also have many NOS tubes to choose from if the buyer would like to purchase at the same time, otherwise those will go up on the FS forums as well.  I accept paypal or MO.  Buyer to pay shipping and insurance and 4% paypal if that method of payment is used.   Asking...
My Perfect Wave mark 2 Dac is a good dac and your probably right that it takes care of the jitter.  Just curious if anyone else has had that thought.  
Yeah, when you think about what you get home with after leaving AIX, it is quite a value. Given that i probably won't ever be able to have a quarter of a million dollar surround sound mastering studio in my home, this is as close as I'll get. For those of you who think the realiser is only for multi channel, think again! I may never be able to listen to normal headphones again. Yes, it is that good. Also for those who wonder if the 009's make a difference, they most...
I just got back from LA after having my AIX PRIR done.  I would just like to publicly thank Lorr Kramer from Smyth and Mark Waldrep from AIX.  It was a fantastic experience and definitely worth the trip.  Everyone was super nice and very professional.  Highly recommended!
I'm not sure I understand how you are planning to use the AVR.  I understand that you want to decode multi channel from your cable box, but after that i'm not sure what is suppose to happen.  I don't see any pre outs from the avr.  Will the avr pass lpcm through the hdmi out?
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