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I use either Sensaphonics 2x-s custom monitors or my JH-3A.  JA-3A does a slightly better job but both are convincing.  Yes, they are not up to my stax 009's but still work very well.  The sennsaphonics block about 30db of ambient noise which really helps on the train.  Yes, you need to pick a point to look at and pretend its the center channel.  However, I have walked down the street while listening to the emulation without any ill effects.  I do notice however, that...
  Yeah, I'm finding it hard to listen to headphones that aren't connected to the realiser!  I've even started recording the toslink out of the realiser to make files for my iPod.  It is really a great way to spend the train ride into work!     Speaking of recording, I recently bought an RME Fireface UCX audio interface for multi-track recording.  I did an experiment and routed the toslink out of the realiser in to the fire face and routed the output through the coax out...
Sale pending
Priced reduced to $225.00 shipped.
Priced reduced to $450.00.
Priced reduced to $250.00 shipped.
By the way, the cable is 6 feet long.
Slim LOD in perfect condition.  Asking $85.00 shipped.  I accept paypal or MO.  PM me if interested.
ALO cable for CLAS.  Includes a mini to mini and digital LOD.  Asking $125.00 shipped.   I accept paypal or MO.  PM me if interested.
ALO SXC Balanced HD800 cable terminated to 2x3pin furutech xlr connectors.  Cable sounds great and looks brand new.   Asking 225.00 shipped.     PM me if interested.
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