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I too use the realiser mostly for 2 channel.  It's fantastic.  As for fatigue,  I think the custom headphone eq setup really makes a difference.  When I did my PRIR at AIX, I noticed that the tonality using the headphones was a little brighter than the actual speakers.  This is a common reaction and Lorr explained the reason why.  However, I can't actually remember at the moment.  At any rate, the custom eq works great.  The more times you go through it, the closer you...
I use the the 009's on a woo audio headphone stand and the cpc-1 cover over that.  it works well.  I don't see any reason it wouldn't fit over the Sieveking.  
Thanks for the update jazzfan.  Good to know all is well at Smyth.  
Yes, just hoping that's it. Would hate to find out they went out of business!
Anyone know what's happening over at Smyth? Their site is down and it appears their domaine name is no longer registered! I tried to contact Lorr, but my email got returned.
Price reduced:  $200.00 shipped.
I'm curious if anyone is using apple tv to stream 2 channel music over hdmi? I have a huge alac library on iTunes and I'm trying to find the best way to feed it to my realiser. My MacBook pro can use an adapter to output hdmi, but I find the sound to be harsh and fatiguing. I could re rip my library in wav. And use my oppo as a server, but I'm afraid that with the size of library I have, finding what I want might be troublesome. Any thoughts welcome. Will
STAX SRE-925S Headphone Extension cable like new in original packaging.  I bought this a month ago, but it is too short so I bought the SRE-950.     The cable is 2.5 meters long.  I'm asking 225.00 shipped in the U.S.     I accept paypal or MO.  PM me if interested.
No, sorry.
Hi Arnaud,   No, the sound is fine.  I don't notice any peaks in the mid-highs.  Although the next time I listen I'll see if anything is there.  When I made the recording I made it without a HPEQ since you are taking the outer ear shape out of the equation.  Plus there would be no way to measure with the mics and iems at the same time.  Yes, the 2x-s are on the dark side but the isolation is great.  The jh-13's are more neutral and maybe more crisp and definitely faster....
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