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Great! Thanks for the insight.  I'm really looking forward to this.  I just received my realiser which I bought used on the forums here.  I tried the generic PRIR and it was really impressive.  I can only imagine how awesome the personalized PRIR will sound!
For those of you who have done you measurements at AIX, I have a question:   Lorr has told me that there are two possible systems I can be calibrated to.  the first would be to do a 7.1 and 5.1 with their B&W/profounder system.  The other choice is to do that, plus their JBL 5.1 cinema system.  Anyone done both?  If so what are the differences?  I have a few weeks to decide before I go to LA, but thought I get your opinions.  Thanks,   will
Halide bridge works fine too using a powered USB hub. However, straight USB to my perfect wave dac using the cck doesn't work.
I believe the pass through is for video and or unprocessed pcm.  I don't believe it will do what you want.  Furthermore, the PWD only accepts HDMI from the Perfect wave transport as far as I know.  
I am considering doing a comparison between the jh3a and my hd800/B-52 combo.However, at the moment, I don't have time. Perhaps in a month.
Yeah, I had thought about Gateway. I would also like to fly out to LA and measure at AIX. Hopefully this summer! Funds pending!
Let us know what you find out about NY.  NY is a lot closer to me than LA!    
  I'm very happy with my JH3A.  It works as advertised and the sound is top notch for an IEM.  The delays were unfortunate, but in the end I think it is a fine product.  I hope JHA learned its lesson and doesn't offer cash up front pre-orders for upcoming products.  
Will it work for streaming my iTunes library in stereo to the realizer?
Anyone know if the realizer works with hdmi out from an apple tv?
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