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A second vote for the ttvj millet!
The Hornet works well. Also, I have recently been enjoying the the millet portable with the 701's. Definately worth checking out.
So I received my replacement yesterday. Everything works this time. I have about 20 hrs of burn in so far. I really like this amp so far. It sounds great with my 701's! I'm going to have to use an attenuator with the e500's. But the e500's sound good too. Although I'm really getting annoyed at how cymbals sound with these iems. I'm thinking of trying something else. Maybe or Going all out for ue11's! My 500's have custom sleeves from sensaphonics. I'm...
It's not my interconnect. I tried 2 different ALO cables. No Problems there. There is definately something wrong with the phone jack. I'll just send it back and get another one. The right side sounded pretty good, can't wait to here it in stereo!
So I received my millet today. To my dissapointment, my unit does not work properly. The headphone jack is deffective. I only get sound out of the right side. I will have to send it back and wait for another unit. I can wiggle the jack around and I can make the left come in teporarily. It's hard to make any judgements on how it sounds this way. I hope the next unit works properly!
I have a pair of those, but I gave them to my wife. She also had custom sleeves made. I was actually thinking of trying a pair of customs like the UE 10 or 11. I just feel that some instruments on the e500's seem to move way in the background. Especially drums.
I currently have e500's with custom molded sleeves (sensaphonics). They are nice, but I find myself wishing they sounded more like my 701's! I find the 701's balanced and very enjoyable to listen too. My 500's are nice as well, but the more I compare with the AKG's, the less I like them. However, I seem to have more time to listen to my portable rig than my home setup. My portable is a 4g imod, and Hornet amp. I'll soon have a millet portable as well. Maybe I'm just...
I couldn't stand it any longer! I finally broke down and ordered! I am really looking forward to this amp. I listen to a lot of Jazz, so I think it will be a good match. I am wondering if I should get an ety p-s adapter since in portable mode, I'll be listening with e500's. At home, I'll be using k701's. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I ordered one to go with my 701's. Should be here next week. I'll post my impressions. From everything I have read, the GL works well with the 701's.
I ordered one of these last week, with the PS to go with my k701's. Can't wait to check it out!
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