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I would like to preorder a pico with DAC. Thanks.
JLingo, I notice in your signature that you own both the sensaphonics 2x-s and the UE-11's. Do you find any difference is isolation between the two? I think some audiologist feel that the silicone seals better giving better isolation and therfore allowing the listener to listen at a lower volume. I'm considering ordering the UE-11's. I currently have custom sensaphonic sleeves on my e500's. They work great and probably seal the same as the 2x-s. Also I too am...
I use a headamp gilmore lite with 701's, and it sounds really nice. Although it's a bit more than your budget, but not too much. Maybe look for a used one in the for sale forum.
I think Vinnie from RWA mentioned in a post that the line out voltage was less on the 6g ipod than the imod which would account for the volume change.
I like my Sure's, however, I really do not like how cymbals sound. I listen to a lot of jazz, and I feel like the drum set is so far in the background. I have thought about trying the's but I worry I will miss the custom molded sleeves on my e500's and then have to shell out the cash for UE10's or 11's! That's if I liked the's of course.
Wow, it gets even better! I do notice some harshness in the highs at the moment. I will continue the burn in so I can get to 200hrs ASAP. All I know is this is amp is very musical and fun to listen to. I also find that it's more detailed than I expected.
Yeah, it just keeps getting better as it burns in. I have about 60 hours on it now. I have also found that I really like my e500's with it. I think they work well together. Cymbal decay is much better. Still not as good as my 701's but better than it was with the hornet. Of course, not the fault of the hornet.
A second vote for the ttvj millet!
The Hornet works well. Also, I have recently been enjoying the the millet portable with the 701's. Definately worth checking out.
So I received my replacement yesterday. Everything works this time. I have about 20 hrs of burn in so far. I really like this amp so far. It sounds great with my 701's! I'm going to have to use an attenuator with the e500's. But the e500's sound good too. Although I'm really getting annoyed at how cymbals sound with these iems. I'm thinking of trying something else. Maybe or Going all out for ue11's! My 500's have custom sleeves from sensaphonics. I'm...
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