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x2 for the Beethoven 9th!
As a musician, I worry about damaging my hearing. This is one of the main reasons I got custom iems. By blocking out a large portion of the background noise, I can listen at a much lower volume and still hear everything clearly! I also practice with musicians earplugs. You don't have to be a musician to benefit from these as well. They are great for concerts, on loud trains and busses etc...
Brad Mehldau Live in Tokyo. Great solo piano concert.
Beatles revolver
Just ordered a v-cap portable. Can't wait!
Nice rig. I'm actually looking at trying a v-cap portable myself. I spend most of my listening time on my commute, and at the office so I want the best sound possible. I never seem to have time to listen to my home setup!
Mine shows up due to allergies. It even changes ears depending on which side of my head is clogged up!
Mine sound good out of my hornet.
I choose the following: USB:1 foot Color Black No Engraving Thanks. will
Sorry, can't answer that. Maybe ask Peter for his suggestion.
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