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Anyone here looking for a Really Right Stuff L-bracket for a D700?  I sold my D700. I have both the L-bracket for the body only and the L-bracket that fits the d700 plus battery grip.  PM me if interested.  
AdoramaPix is great and I have also heard great things about Mpix.
I think he means that he has no power and therefore no sound at all.
If anyone in this thread is looking for a Nikon D700 or F6, I have one of each with accessories I would like to sell.  
When I had my PRIR at AIX, Lorr hinted at the possibility of an ipad app to replace the hardware for portable use.  It would work with your PRIR.  Not sure of any details beyond that.  I think it would be great to be able to listen to anything on an ipad or iphone with the virtualization.  I have captured the optical out through an rem fireface ucx audio interface and made files to use on my iphone with iems.  Sounds pretty good. Although, if you are walking around, it...
Halide Bridge(BNC version)  in like new condition with original packaging.  Asking $325.00 shipped in the US.  I accept paypal.  PM me if interested.
Hi David,   OK, I'll send you a pm later today or tomorrow at the latest.  Take care,   will
I used to own a B-52.  It is a great amp and I sometimes miss it even though I own a stax setup now.  Anyway, If you are looking to tube roll, I have 5 or 6 matched pairs of different 12au7's and a couple matched quads of 5687's that I'm going to put up on the FS forum.  If you have any interest in them, PM me and I'll let you know what I have and my impressions.   will
    Looking forward to your impressions with the realiser.  I have a BHSE on order and will also be using it with the realiser and 009's.  
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