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You can find my cd on iTunes or under william silvio
Just to give everyone waiting some hope, I received my final payment notice yesterday! It's been two years, I hope it's worth it!
 I'm fine.  I knew going into this it would be a long wait.  I'm sure it will be worth it.
 I placed mine in April of '12
 Agreed.  Happy to wait for quality!
pm sent
Thanks for your response.  I might email Jerry and see what he says about it.  
I hope the rack mount has other inputs and outputs.  I would love coax in for stereo and coax or aes/ebu out.
tf1216,   Did you ever get a pair of freqphase for your jh-3a?  I'm curious how much of an upgrade it is.  I currently have the original jh-3a and am wondering if it is worth the upgrade.   Thanks.
Unfortunately, I have no time. You would have to wait 6 months or more to get it! I may at some point build one and put it in the for sale forum. We'll see.
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