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So my zx2 showed up today.  So far so good.  I set up iTunes libraries for internal and external storage and am transferring files as I write.  I have listened briefly and like what I hear.  I even hooked it up successfully to my chord hugo and that sounded great too.  Even managed to get Tidal working.  So far so good.  Even most of my album art has shown up!
 I have the Hugo and find it to be quite an exceptional device.  However, I wanted the zx2 for my train commute etc.  I also want to use the zx2 as a transport for the Hugo as a bedside or office rig.  Should work out well if I can manage the transfer quarks! 
Man, this thing better sound great for all the trouble it seems to be for Mac users!  
That's great! Thanks
 Thanks, I think I will give this a try.  So I'm guessing that I put the media on the device first and then create the new library pointing it to the walkman's storage.  Correct?
Thanks for the advice.  Can I add music to the external micro sd card directly from a card reader attached to my computer and then insert in the zx2 or does the transfer have to happen with the sd card in the device?
Hi PC,   Thanks, that makes me feel better.  I'm not really bothered by not using playlist.  Being able to just drag and drop is one of the reasons I went with the zx2 instead of one of the Astell &Kern offerings.  Also because I've heard the zx2 has great synergy with the Noble K10 which I am awaiting.
I find this post a little disturbing!  I just ordered a zx2 today from Amazon, and I'm a Mac user!  That being said, I was under the impression that the files could be dragged and dropped onto the player or the micro sd card.  That won't help with playlist, but it might be a better way to go.  I hear it isn't much better for Astell and Kern and Mac users either.
I agree.  I have measurements from AIX and another from a friend's 2 channel mastering studio.  It makes a huge difference and is well worth the effort and expense.  That being said, learning to measure your own system is helpful if you go to a studio or showroom that won't take the measurements for you.
You could go for CLAS coax out to hugo
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