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Black Chord Hugo in excellent condition.  Comes with original packaging.  Asking $1375.00 shipped in the U.S.   PM me if interested.
Price reduced:  $200.00
      Here are some pics.
Kaiser K10 Universals in Aluminum.  These are practically brand new.  I have only used them a few times.  It is difficult to find in ears (even customs) that do not hurt my ear canals.  These IEMs sound fantastic and I hate to let them go, but they are not comfortable in my ears.  This has nothing to do with the product itself.  They come with all the original packaging and ear tips that I haven't used.  I will also include a set of comply foam tips that fit them.  Asking...
Price reduced. Asking $250.00
Algorhythm solo R in excellent shape.  Comes in original packaging with charger.  Asking $175.00.   PM me if interested.   Thanks.
Headamp Pico slim in like new condition.  The color is silver.  Comes in original box.  Asking $300.00.   PM me if interested.   Thanks.
OK, good, I'm not losing my mind!  Same experience here!  I'm only about 25-30 hours in.
      Received my confirmation pictures the other night.  I think they look great!
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