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Quote: Originally Posted by Acrog The new drive only works with the 80gb right? I have the 30gb, so are their any options for an upgrade? If not I'll stick with my 120gb classic. Quote: Originally Posted by direcow it works too, but you'll probably need a bigger back plate. It'll work with the 30GB, but as direcow stated you'll need a bigger backplate, which they sell and have as an option on the order page for the drive....
Quote: Originally Posted by eric76 Does anybody know if this new 240GB is compatible with 6G and/or 5.5G iPods ? The new Toshiba drive is compatible with the 5G and 5.5G ipods only as of now. See: HardDriveReplacement < Main < TWiki And yes they will work with Rockbox. They are now available for pre-order from Rapidrepair.com. They have tested one already and have confirmation that they work in the 5G and 5.5G ipods. They're going for...
My Pico arrived today as well.
You can find them on Smalldog.com for $199.00
Quote: Originally Posted by Oya? You can't (shouldn't?) use iMod cables with stock iPods. Technically it wouldn't harm your gear, since you're sending an already regulated signal through the caps in the cable, but this is I would presume not a good thing to have. You should get a LOD cable made by a DIYer here, instead of buying a regular ALO LOD since you'll be upgrading to an iMod. I have to disagree a bit. You can use an iMod LOD with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by maxxed Do we know if up to #325 has shipped? I'm number #311 (was #312). I haven't received any notice that mine has shipped yet. Though I know Justin will get it out as soon as he can.
Native Players not sure about, but any player that can be Rockbox'd can play flac. You should do a search as this topic has been asked before on several occations.
Just got my Google Checkout email from Justin (I'm #312). Money Sent (Justin even helped me split up my payment by splitting my bill into two Google Invoices very promptly. Thanks Justin!)...Now I wait Patiently...and hopefully my Pico will be here soon.
Well first you can go to: WpsIpod5g < Main < TWiki Find the theme you want. Download it and then drop it into your .rockbox folder, which should put the right files in the right directories (wps and Themes) and then all you have to do in rockbox on your iPod is go to themes and select the one you want. Hope this helps.
OK So another polite call to those quoting other posts to not include the pics in the quote as it just fills up pages quickly. Thanx
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