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i just might be able to make this year,  turns out might be traveling there around that time for work.  :)
looks great, would be great to give it a listen.  
nice and detailed review
Kingdom of Sorrow - along the path to ruin Otep - i stand alone White Light Riot - our formative capital Puscifier - World up my ass 65daysofstatic - guitar cascades the agonist - the tempest bullet for my valentine - pretty on the outside
Top 5 in not order because it changes frequently   Master of Puppets - Metallica Henry's Dream - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Diver Down - Van Halen Reign In Blood - Slayer Killers - Iron Maiden
really digging the new In Flames album these days.
great review,
sounds great, but the $$ is a bit on the high side i think
Looks great, i like the clean look       
great idea        
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