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Yeah, I agree - there was a comment on one of the robot videos that I agree with - they won't get real speed and agility until they incorporate a flexible spine. Vertebrates are a huge part of the success of the higher life forms.Or, well, at least until the squid rise up and become our masters...
I have read and watched waaaaay too much SF. Every time I see one of these types of robot videos, it freaks me out. The running robot was just OK, but what really got me was the run with the vertical leap in the middle.
I would contact a Sony repair station. Good luck - but I very much doubt it will be worth the cost to repair. You might be better off buying the one you linked, or perhaps a used one here on head-fi or ebay.
Apparently, those wacky Scots at the University of Glasgow are doing some interesting things with Hydrogen: Prof. Lee Cronin has a reputation for making some big leaps in his thinking - you can google him to see his other thoughts - like trying to create a new definition of "life" and using 3D printing techniques to allow people to "print" their own medicines using custom molecules.
I just watched one of my all-time favorite movies again: RoninIt has it all - fast cars, awesome driving scenes, heavy weapons, mass destruction, Robert De Niro, Jean Reno & Natascha McElhone - I love this movie!I just noticed something that seems like a hole in the plot. [[SPOILER]] Still, how cool is this?
She's decided she wants to be involved in the medical industry, but not medicine. She currently wants to get her degree in biomedical engineering. That sounds very cool to me too, and not so dry & theoretical as medical research. She wants to use technology and engineering to solve problems and actually create solutions & products that help people. When I was her age, my goals were not nearly as noble - I just wanted to work on rocket ships & jet airplanes.
Nope - no future medical doctors in this family. If there were, they would probably have to go to medical school in Uganda or North Korea...
I need a phone to *first* be a phone. That's what drives me crazy about all the phablets - they make lousy phones. I miss the days of the original Moto Razr. I would rather have the Razr for all voice comms and then have a device with a 5-5.5" screen for everything else.
If I wanted a reliable small roadster, I would get a Miata - but where's the fun in that? Gawd, I hope it takes less than 10 years to get my kids out of the house! My best friend in college had a 64.5 Mustang convertible. That pony had been ridden very hard and was not a pleasant car to drive. The suspension was shot and creaked and groaned all the way down the road. The brakes were either twitchy or fading, depending on how often you tried to use them. It was a...
Someday, someday... I will use it on a day EXACTLY like today. The sun is out, it's currently 72 deg and the high today will be 81 deg. I will travel up the road 50 miles to have lunch in Santa Barbara, or 40 miles down the road to have lunch in Malibu. What could be better?
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