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I think you misunderstood the post. The *member* modified headphones were being taken to the Schiit table by *members* so they could hear them on the Schiit DACs & amps. Schiit wasn't trying to fool anyone, and neither was anyone else.
Great pics! I am proud to say that even with all the photographers snapping pictures around me, I managed to avoid being in any of the pictures that everyone has posted. Whew!
I suspect something is loose or broken around the driver. Have you pulled the pad off and looked? If you shake it, do you hear anything rattle? For under $20 to replace them, I wouldn't spend too much time messing around with it - but that's me...
I'm not sure, but I think you will be OK with the AAC, but ALAC is a different encoding. You might need to convert your ALAC files to FLAC.
I think you need to tell Nick that you want to return the amp. Tell him you have d!cked around enough with this thing and you either want it replaced, or you want a refund.
The only suggestion I have is to watch eBay for a non-working pair.
I'm seeing out of stock at NewEgg.
Massdrop was an exhibitor at the SoCal CanJam. I think that makes them a legitimate head-fi vendor...
Have you tried removing the battery then putting it back together?
I'm not sure what you are asking? It should just be USB from your PC to the E09K, put the E17K in the dock, and plug the headphones into the front of the E09K. Turn the knob until you achieve happiness... Do you mean things like EQ? That's your call based on your personal preference. Some people don't use any EQ and some do.
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