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I just purchased a pair of Westone UM2RC from Sweetwater for $180 w/ free shipping on their Cyber Monday deal. The UM2 is an oldie but a goodie: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UM2RPM This will be my 3rd pair of UM2 and (I think) my 6th pair of Westone IEMs.
I have also been a Westone fan for years, but I think they have simply lost their minds on pricing. $150 for a single BA and $300 for a dual BA is just no longer competitive in this market. Especially not when the stems will snap or the cables will fail in ~2 years with daily, but careful, use. If the prices were 50% of where they are now, they would again be very popular on head-fi!
Yes, they are very cheap - they often go on sale for less than even the cheapest Squier. However, I'm concerned it is like the FOTM Chinese IEMs - lots of people claiming they are the equivalent of brands costing 3X, 4X or more - but these claims are often made by folks that have never actually heard the more expensive brands. There are reviews saying that the $80 Monoprice Strats are the equivalent of the $600 made in Mexico Fender Strats. I'm skeptical, to say the...
What about the Monoprice strat clone? From comments around the web, set-up seems to be hit or miss. Has anyone bought one?
Thanks to all! I'm still looking for the right local store - I'm guessing Guitar Center is probably not where I want to be looking for really good help in getting the guitar. I went into a couple of other local places and neither of them seemed to have what I'm looking for. One was very small and appeared to cater to giving lessons (not much selection of guitars) and the other seemed to have mostly guitars that are well outside my price range, and did not seem to have...
Gurus of guitar-fi, I am an old (50+) life-long admirer of anyone with the skill to play a musical instrument. I am also completely incapable of playing air guitar, let alone an actual instrument. I wish to change this. I want to teach myself to play the electric guitar. I have absolutely zero expectations of being anything other than a noodler. If I can teach myself to execute a minor pentatonic scale without it sounding like I am torturing the neighbor's cat, I will...
Yes, I am still alive! I've been off pursuing another interest of mine and not checking in here. Happy Holidays to one and all!
MD Username: BillyBob_jcv Westone UM Pro20
I found this rather amusing... http://www.onionstudios.com/videos/ford-unveils-new-car-for-cash-strapped-buyers-the-1993-taurus-1323
Might be the difference between bolting a blower on a relatively stock engine vs needing much more work done to the internals of a NA engine. On a side note, I was screwed by the lowest cost vendor AGAIN (I never learn). I needed a new headlight socket for my Hyundai. The Hyundai has really common H11 bulbs. On the web, these sockets w/pigtail are $8-15/ea + ~$5 shipping. A seller on ebay from China was selling *two* sockets for 99 cents + 28 cents for shipping. I...
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