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Nothing.Also valid. I went with the EQ route as I am not confident in my ability to reproduce those results; the consistency of a DIY modification of this nature seems a bit suspect. In my case PEQ only "corrects" perceived frequency response (or more broadly, performance in linear terms), whereas the modification alters other factors such as housing resonances and decay performance.
I think our listening is actually more inadequate. We don't listen comparatively with sufficient controls.Technically, we can measure everything we hear. There's some difficulty in translating some of these measurements (especially non-linear ones) to what we hear. Correlating a description from the modern audiophile lexicon to a certain measurement is still imperfect, especially since a sound descriptor (e.g. muddy bass) can be the factor of multiple measurements.In other...
Actually, one of the central tenets of proper blind comparison in the field of audio is to level-match upstream variables (e.g. DACs, amps) within 0.2dB (typically at 1KHz). This is a pretty discriminating standard. The bulk of audiophile "experience" out there isn't properly level-matched. The resulting error from matching upstream electronics by ear will be audible by ear.
Original silver Schiit Valhalla. Selling on behalf of my roommate.   Excellent condition with original box and packaging and pointy feet. He wants to note that it's serial number 888.   No trades please. CONUS only.
HRT Music Streamer 2 for sale. Selling on behalf of my roommate. It's in excellent shape. Includes a Pangea Audio USB cable.
Oh, I know. I meant that I was unsure why the Omega would be particularly difficult to drive, though I suppose it has a larger transducer. I wasn't able to distinguish an audible improvement with a KGSSHV but this was not in my own home. Whereas other individuals are vulnerable to confirmation bias in subpar listening conditions (i.e. meets), I tend to behave contrariwise.
I'm using the 323S with the SR-Omega and it's good. The Omega is said to be "harder to drive" than the SR-009 (whatever that means). I've been told by at least a few educated ears that the setup does not have audible flaws. My thinking is consistent with yours but we're in the minority. Many perceived differences can be based on quantifiable error as a result of insufficient level matching (at or greater than 2dB). If you level-match by ear, the resulting error will be...
Disagree. The TH600 midrange appeared vacant even when directly compared against that of the AH-D2000.
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