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Weird.. Alex was talking about how he didn't like the SR-007Mk2s after listening to the SR-007Mk1s. Maybe that was after listening to the Mk1 on the Silk?
Hi gepardcv! The DAC was zerodeefex's Matrix X-Sabre which he very kindly lent to me for the meet. The amplifier was the humble Stax SRM-323S. Small size but good results! 
Thanks @CEE TEE, @zerodeefex, @Questhate, other set-up coordinators, vendors, and members for making this happen (and thanks @SanJoseCanJunkie for the trip there)! It was my first larger meet and I had a pretty good time. Admittedly I would've liked to have met more of you were it not for my being somewhat bashful and apprehensive in consideration of some online personas (some of you have pretty formidable reputations amongst here ).   I was glad to be neighbors to some...
How much are you looking to spend? If you're going to be buying them separately, it might run you a little more.   You can get the SRS-3170 (SR-307 + SRM-323S) for under $1000 these days. You'd have to put in some effort to find the SRM-252S outside of a Stax system package, and the bundle discount might make either the SRS-3170 or SRS-2170 more appealing.
I used the SRM-323S with my SR-307 with good results. I also enjoy it with my SR-Omega, so I think it could last a while (unless you want SR-007s).
For those keen on sampling the Omegas, I'd recommend bringing a SD card loaded up with some ALAC or high-bitrate MP3s of your choice. Besides that, something with USB/optical output might work as well -- can't guarantee playback of any other formats on the machine I'm bringing.   I'll have a few ALACs loaded up but it'll be mostly newer stuff like alternative rock, trip-hop, nu jazz, maybe more. It'll be a very small collection and will not suit everyone's tastes.  
Is anyone carpooling from South Bay? I could use a ride from North San Jose. If not, should hopefully still be OK.  
CIEMs can trigger a foreign-body reflex where your ears will start to "water" over prolonged use, especially if you haven't adapted to them.   This wetness paired with wet earwax (or if you have so-so earwax that liquefies at elevated body temperatures) can certainly spell disaster.   Don't do it unless you're sure your ear canal and earwax is under control.
Not so much a failure as a temporary but silly inconvenience for what is a luxury product. Unfortunately it seems to be based on electrostatic principles but I'd be thrilled if Stax figured out a way to prevent parasitic charges in the future. It really is unacceptable to have to deal with an issue that compromises the core functionality of such an expensive product. Temporary imbalance typically coincided with seasonal/temperature/humidity changes. DefQon, you should...
One week isn't sufficient in my experience. It can take months to fully discharge the diaphragms and confidently vanquish parasitic charges for the long haul.   I've seen and experience the opposite, with the right side being the quieter one -- probably because I'm on the imperial system. Must be a US thing.
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