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Disagree. The TH600 midrange appeared vacant even when directly compared against that of the AH-D2000.
The level of isolation they provide is even slightly less than that provided by Denons.   The TH600's cable is pretty long and robust (though definitely an improvement over the Denons), and unless you have a long neck the ear cups are too deep to allow them to hang comfortably from the neck. They're cumbersome for portable use.
Agree completely. This is why I got rid of them -- they were unbearable. I have the D5000 now and the treble is smooth. Some might say the TH600 is an upgrade over the D5000/7000 but I don't agree.
Pictures added. Any small specks that appear are dust.   Please excuse my fingernails as well. 
These are a very fresh pair in 9/10 condition. They have fewer than 20 hours on them total. I would guess that it would be exceptionally difficult to find a pair in superior, completely stock condition short of one that's new-in-box. I am probably moving back down to AH-D2000s, although these are indeed "superior."   They come with the original manuals and adapter, but I do not have the original box.   Price does not include shipping, though the cost should be marginal...
Looking for $70 inclusive of shipping CONUS (based on the best offer I received), as in listing details.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/310966265619   Open box TH600 with warranty for $588.   I'd stay far away but whatever floats your boat.
I'm not convinced that would be accurate. There are some dog whistles that go as "low" as 23KHz which might be perceivable to some humans (additionally let's not discount the possibility of "defective" whistles that would go lower). Secondarily there is some perceived sound from the air that actually passes the whistle which is what most humans will hear.Assuming the musical noise is the fundamental, the non-musical noises would be completely circumscribed within the...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe any instrument possesses harmonics that extend beyond 20KHz (nevermind the argument of whether or not humans can perceive it).http://www.independentrecording.net/irn/resources/freqchart/main_display.htm
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