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I'm comfortable with the bass response of the D2000 as-is. I fear that additional damping would muck up its tonal balance, which I feel to be more fun than the D7000 (earlier revision) or TH600.   Bear in mind I don't find much enjoyment in v-shaped sound signatures, so the perceived midrange flatness (relatively, as opposed to a dip) is something I find very appealing about the D2000.
Could someone with the TH900 and/or TH600 confirm whether or not they use the same earpads?   I find the TH600 in stock configuration to sound "better" than the early D7000, but I seem to prefer the late-model D2000 directly.   Vis-à-vis the D2000, I find the TH600 to have noticeably tighter bass and superior fundamentals. Its main issues are relative stridency in the 6KHz region and a very noticeable midrange suckout. While the Fostex certainly produces more technical...
That's some stupidly cheap TH600s in the FS. 
I will sell the Fostex for $old without the stock earpads.   This would make a great deal if you happen to have spare Denon or aftermarket earpads lying around. I will include the internal disk so you can mount non-Denon pads as well (e.g. Beyerdynamic, MrSpeakers Alpha pads, etc.).
I find the influx of TH-600s in the FS to be quite interesting -- in the past two weeks there have been at least 7 units being offloaded with unknown rationale.
Yeah. If I don't find a reasonable trade in time I'm just going to gut mine and swap drivers with my D2000, and hope for the best...   I wonder who will win between the Denex AH-D6000 (?) and Foston TH-5000... hopefully the former gets a fun little bass boost.  
Might be a logistical challenge for me (coming from the East Bay with no car and the Stax are fairly cumbersome to haul), though I suppose BART would make Millbrae more immediately accessible.
And one for trade for Denon enthusiasts looking to upgrade for much cheaper.
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