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6KHz is the same general area that bothers me in the HD 800s. Beyond the familiar sizzle I was hearing, I looked at the available FR charts and noticed the peak at ~6.3KHz. EQing this band down some made them much more tolerable, but I wasn't willing to EQ like this on a permanent basis.   The TH600 isn't as bad of a V as the DT 990, but for the price I'd actually rather take the DT 990 Pro. I'll echo AnakChan's (IIRC) impressions that this headphone was overpriced, and...
Gee, I wonder why that is...I don't think the TH600 has higher raw resolution really. The peak at 6KHz can trick some ears into believing that it's more detailed but it's just harsh to me.The TH600 is cleaner from the lower mids down into the sub-bass, but the D2000 has more sub-bass power as it doesn't have the same mid-bass bump.My main grievances with the TH600 is the FR crest at 6KHz and the consequent valley in the mids. I would call the midrange on the TH600...
Looks like somebody missed the sell-off for the past few weeks.    Ended up getting rid of my pair for $400 (albeit I'm keeping the pads). I think that's the right/fair price for these to be honest. I prefer the AH-D2000 ultimately.   Good luck finding yours!
Back on topic. beyerdynamic T1 $599 from bd-usa: As with their other eBay sales, no warranty.
Interesting with the different viewpoints.   Fostex advertises the TH600's earpads as being of the same eggshell protein-derived material:   I can confirm the earpads definitely feel much more lighter and breathable than traditional lambskin.
I'm comfortable with the bass response of the D2000 as-is. I fear that additional damping would muck up its tonal balance, which I feel to be more fun than the D7000 (earlier revision) or TH600.   Bear in mind I don't find much enjoyment in v-shaped sound signatures, so the perceived midrange flatness (relatively, as opposed to a dip) is something I find very appealing about the D2000.
Could someone with the TH900 and/or TH600 confirm whether or not they use the same earpads?   I find the TH600 in stock configuration to sound "better" than the early D7000, but I seem to prefer the late-model D2000 directly.   Vis-à-vis the D2000, I find the TH600 to have noticeably tighter bass and superior fundamentals. Its main issues are relative stridency in the 6KHz region and a very noticeable midrange suckout. While the Fostex certainly produces more technical...
That's some stupidly cheap TH600s in the FS. 
I will sell the Fostex for $old without the stock earpads.   This would make a great deal if you happen to have spare Denon or aftermarket earpads lying around. I will include the internal disk so you can mount non-Denon pads as well (e.g. Beyerdynamic, MrSpeakers Alpha pads, etc.).
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