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Might be a logistical challenge for me (coming from the East Bay with no car and the Stax are fairly cumbersome to haul), though I suppose BART would make Millbrae more immediately accessible.
And one for trade for Denon enthusiasts looking to upgrade for much cheaper.
Determined that the main thing I'm looking for the TH-600s are newer D5000s + a cash (or a pittance if they're like-new) as they remain the one pair of Denons I've never owned. I'd also be interested in Denon mod parts (ideally a package of earpads and cups) + cash.
Can anyone confirm that the TH-600 is brighter in the treble than the second-generation (e.g. 2012+) D2000/D5000?
Incredible price. Someone from UAE will be very lucky. GLWS.
Incidentally, many of those features are rampant in high-end audio in general.
Not enough evidence to corroborate this. dude_500 had the best approach when he suggested the relationship between Vp-p and output rail voltage was more significant than just the Vp-p or slew rate. In just Vp-p or slew rate regarded alone, most Stax amplifiers are more than sufficient.
Pictures added!
This is going to sound really obvious, but were you using a 117V->100V converter? JDM SRM-323Ss are only designed to operate on 100V.
Preface: Maybe we can take this offline to avoid de-railing the thread.  You mean the E11 with the bass boost enabled? The FR of the E11 is not flat with either of the bass boost settings enabled, even when unloaded. The Crack with the HD 6X0 series actually produces excess output peaked at 100Hz or so, among other fun/weird things going on in the odd-order harmonics. Quantities of the frequency region would be observable in the loaded FR, while qualities would be...
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