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Purk, do you prefer the HE90 from the Aristaeus or the DIY-T2?I'm curious as the DIY-T2 seems to be a complete one-up on the BHSE, yet the prevailing opinion seems to be that the BHSE is unsuitable for the HE90.
I'm happy with my current chain, and would not still own the Yggdrasil and BHSE if I was displeased with them. My hypothetical next steps are the DIY-T2 and/or an Aristaeus or Octave (Mjolnir Audio) complement.FWIW my tubes are the Mullard XF2 double-halo but I haven't personally used anything else.If @purk was here, I am glad I stuck out with the lowly SRM-323S until the BHSE. IMHO, YMMV, etc.
No worries. I should probably also clarify that I don't mean to suggest that $1500 would be a fair price for a KGSSHV (e.g. #9001), especially in consideration of your point that some units would likely cost in excess of that in BOM alone e.g. when high-quality chasses or situational importation/tariff costs are factored in. I only mean that in the context of my (limited) experience with three separate KGSSHVs, I would not personally want to spend more than $1500 on one....
Where did I ever insinuate that? I am saying that even if the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel BOM cost were $1000, that's still awfully expensive. I'm not commenting about any particular KGSSHV.
As I hinted, I wish it weren't so expensive to build. The BOM is "fairly" priced in market terms so it's not economically overpriced, but the required cost to have something that sounds nice is depressing.
IMHO a KGSSHV isn't worth more than $1500 tops*, BOM aside. It's unfortunate it's so expensive to build.   *For context I think everything is way too expensive.
Amber and 8/10 condition, includes PSU, original box and accessories. $129 inclusive of shipping CONUS, Google Wallet preferred.
Is that a Wee I see?   Didn't Birgir mention something about some Wees having messed-up bias supplies that could destroy the diaphragms?
It's not a mistake. asked a while ago and it's available. I'd probably consider it if Justin added balanced inputs, but that would require reworking the topology AFAIK.
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