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Pictures finally added!   The condition looks to be much better than I initially described (I tend to be extremely nitpicky ).
This is basically a Peachtree iDac (with more features) + class A preamp and headphone amp + 80W/ch (into 6ohm) class D power amplifier. It is one of the few combo units that has non-oversampling and non-aliasing (oversampling) modes, along with a defeatable tube buffer in the preamp. Essentially these switches provide four permutations of operation between NOS/OS + tube/SS. The DAC section is based on the Sabre ESS 9016 and accepts USB (24-bit/96KHz), 2 each of...
I don't believe the sentiment to be very uncommon. There are more than a few individuals of significant repute who were initially taken with the SR-009 but grew dissatisfied over longer listening.I agree with Tyll's opinion of the 007 vs 009, and I don't think it's an uncommon one. I think the SR-007 would have ranked higher if the listeners carefully adjusted it properly to their specific head. It's interesting Tyll only calls out the Abyss for having a temperamental fit...
I've found a silver Gumby to hold me in the meantime, but I'd still be interested in one in black (or preferably such a Yggdrasil*). *They do exist -- I've seen at least one factory black Yggy in person.
Don't bother investigating. Mullard XF2s and call it a day.
I'm looking for a Gungnir (Multibit, non-USB and USB Gen 1 options all welcome with respective price) or Yggdrasil in factory black.   Let me know what you have.
Edit: nevermind. I don't care enough about this subject anymore to get involved.
Déjà vu... I think we've got twins.  
Anyone driving down from SF? I was planning to Caltrain down and catch a ride with a friend from South Bay, but would prefer carpooling with other attendees from the city.
That's what I thought about my humble 323S, but I'm taking the leap...
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