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The Texas sharpshooter will stress the opinions that are consistent with his/her perceptions, and reject any opinions running contrariwise (even if those opinions are from the same respected thought leaders).Then of course we have kettle logic where the subject uses an appeal to authority to defend an opinion he/she admittedly has no firsthand experience with, then criticises his/her opponent on the false assumption that his/her opponent also has no firsthand...
spritzer (and I believe KG as well) have gone at length to describe why the WES is a "bad" amp, and likely inferior to current Stax offerings (certainly from a design standpoint).To be quite honest if you blindly place the WES in that list this overall opinion strikes me as functionally not dissimilar from that of a oenophile who might -- even subconsciously -- attribute price to quality.I wonder if the minimum threshold you would consider acceptable for the upstream could...
Dang. I've wanted a SR-4070 but I wouldn't pay anywhere near that much for one. If the value on them has gone up so much I hesitate to fathom what the rarer Stax are worth now.
Dunno. The return per dollar from a Lambda to a SR-00X is far greater than the return per dollar from an amplifier. With a $4000 budget for instance a young gentleman would be better serviced by a SR-009 + 323S than a Lambda Nova/Signature and a KGSSHV (or arguably a SR-007 and KGSSHV, depending on taste).
Used Beyerdynamic T90 from eBay with accessories and original invoice, missing packaging - $300   http://www.ebay.com/itm/111449371379
Well, the K1000 and Abyss also suck. 
What is so fundamentally wrong with the topology of modern Stax amplifiers excepting non-NFB (727) and unregulated power supplies (virtually everything else)? I would agree they are overpriced, but I think the same for all electrostatic driver units, first-party or third-party -- be it overhead, base cost of the BOM or some combination of the two.
I only like using it on special enjoyment occasions. Stax have a wow factor if you intersperse them with dynamic usage; I don't want to get used to the electrostatic sound.Too bad most R10s are rotting from the inside-out by now. I'm not convinced even a perfect R10 is really better than the HD 800 in non-subjective respects. I think the R10 played second-fiddle to the HE90 and Omega back in the day, but of course I'm biased. 
Of course. I'm just curious as to what parameters were applied in the EQ'd chart to better understand what might be accounting for the change in decay behavior. Without those parameters, it just looks like a picture to me (it does a good job at showing "what" but doesn't even hint at "how"). How might nonlinear characteristics change with the application of linear EQ in any form? Just curious.
I would agree. The HD 800 is the only dynamic member I plan to keep in my stable (orthodynamics included). I'm still not fully convinced that the HD 800s are that difficult to tame (it was pretty much plug-and-play on my gear with predictable results), but it is certainly sufficiently revealing for a daily driver. I can't bear using Stax on the daily due to durability and reliability concerns.
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