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After spending some quality time with the 009 I think I'd prefer the HD 800 as well. The 009 doesn't seem very resolving (even my modest uncompensated, untreated nearfield speakers seem superior) although it does manage to sound quite clear. The Omega is superior in resolution although it doesn't sound quite as forward or clean. TBH to me 009:Omega is reminiscent of [decent Sabre DAC]:Yggdrasil, though of course more markedly distinguishable. Hoping to round out my...
I've been told vinyl is the only path upwards for me. Too many downsides to even be worth considering for my specific needs though.
300B isn't really suited for high-voltage applications AFAIK.
I found the SR-Omega to scale the best out of the T2 over the Carbon vs. the SR-009 followed by the HE90. Unfortunately I did not own the SR-007 or BHSE at the time to be able to compare nor any entry-level amps. I prefer the Omega (slightly less forward, better resolution, much more air, astonishingly complete bass from depth to texture to weight) by a rather large margin. The 009 may be preferable for classical but the I feel Omega is nearly impossible to beat for...
And then there's the subfractional minority that don't care for either the SR-009 or SR-007 (any iteration) and prefer other electrostats.   The SR-009's pricing may have something to do with its perceived superiority by the average layperson. It was known as a $4-5k headphone for quite some time and some might say the relatively prohibitive cost and consequent "exclusivity" add to the allure of electrostats in general.
Sold   I purchased this full-size (AFAIK within spritzer's first dozen) Carbon recently: http://www.head-fi.org/t/815617/kgsshv-carbon-sold   It's superfluous in the context of T2 and I don't have rack space to be able to accommodate it.   Looking for local pickup only at the moment as this would be challenging to ship safely.
Based on loose recollection I'd also like to say the Carbon is roughly close to the BHSE.   I wouldn't call it better though. I also disagree with the uncommon (but vocal) sentiment that the Carbon is at or near the league of the T2. The only area I'm hearing in favor of the Carbon is the lower noise floor.
My adapter cable has the recommended 4M7 resistor in-series with the bias wire, but I did use this with the standard 580V bias jacks of the BHSE for a while (without issue).   One of the output jacks on my T2 is configured for 500V bias and that's the only one I'm using with the HE90 now and getting meh sound from.   SR-Omega sounds fabulous on both outputs.   P.S., @gepardcv here's the standard Fischer female jack for your DIY...
I tried giving the HE90 an honest go with the T2 but it just didn't hold up.   It's a bit puzzling to me since I recall really enjoying the HE90 out of the BHSE perhaps even over the Omega (I know, I know) but it could be the honeymoon days being long over.   My T2 doesn't have a native HE90 output but neither did my BHSE.
T2 by a landslide for me but I've only owned the SRM-323S and BHSE before. I briefly tried it with a KGSSHV and wasn't a huge fan of what I heard. Shouldn't be a huge surprise since SR-Omega + SRM-T2 was the statement pairing from the original Stax (before they went under).
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