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Are there 2-channel component manufacturers that offer products with similar design aesthetic to the BHSE?   I was looking at integrateds from Pass Labs (for the similarities in heatsinking), but they are only available with a silver front panel...
It's great seeing more black-finished units in the wild. They may sound slightly darker than the normal ones.
@Joeybgood I would be careful of making decisions based on opinions hereabouts. Fortunately the DIY-T2 is a five-figure amp and virtually impossible to score in the primary or secondary markets, but the other options are extremely expensive and it is easily possible to wind up dissatisfied with the wrong blind purchase.   The best option is always listening for yourself by any means necessary. Not sure if there are any local meets, but even airfare to the nearest...
Found (finally)! 
I'm planning on attending, probably with +2.
I've been letting this sit around for way too long.   Stax SRM-323S. Functionally perfect and can't find much to fault it cosmetically, so I'd rate it 8/10 to be safe. It's the 220V export model and has not been internally rewired, but I can throw in a 100W step-down transformer if you need it.   I drove my SR-Omega for quite some time with this amp happily. I think it would be a suitable low-cost solution to drive some newer models such as the SR-007A and SR-L700.
Pictures finally added!   The condition looks to be much better than I initially described (I tend to be extremely nitpicky ).
This is basically a Peachtree iDac (with more features) + class A preamp and headphone amp + 80W/ch (into 6ohm) class D power amplifier. It is one of the few combo units that has non-oversampling and non-aliasing (oversampling) modes, along with a defeatable tube buffer in the preamp. Essentially these switches provide four permutations of operation between NOS/OS + tube/SS. The DAC section is based on the Sabre ESS 9016 and accepts USB (24-bit/96KHz), 2 each of...
I don't believe the sentiment to be very uncommon. There are more than a few individuals of significant repute who were initially taken with the SR-009 but grew dissatisfied over longer listening.I agree with Tyll's opinion of the 007 vs 009, and I don't think it's an uncommon one. I think the SR-007 would have ranked higher if the listeners carefully adjusted it properly to their specific head. It's interesting Tyll only calls out the Abyss for having a temperamental fit...
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