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Nah, save your money and go with a 323S to start. Migrate to the BHSE or KGSSHV Carbon as budget allows.
Same argument can be extended to HD 6X0 setups vs. HV+009 (as an example).Latter just sounds plain wrong to me.
Well, there are at least two interpretations of value here: that of an engineer and that of a consumer.   In light of parts involved, complexity and assembly (and let's not forget the casework, which is usually a non-trivial cost), sure the KGSSHV may be considered a decent value. The casework and attention to detail is one of the big reasons I really admire the BHSE and some of the more recent Carbon builds.   I usually perceive value from the perspective of the...
I'd recommend trying:1. a few other dynamic amps (perhaps with tubes)2. Focal Utopia3. HD 6X0 In any combination. Doesn't suffer from the issues the 009+HV (tone, harmonics, upper-midrange/lower-treble glare) have that are unacceptable for the typical cost of admission.
I'd rather spend $400-600 on a 323S and save up towards a Carbon/BHSE or greater than bother with the HV. One of the benefits of all the poop talk about Stax offerings is that they are available second-hand for very fair prices. Re: meet impressions, I suspect many are not used to the differences in transient response that Stax bring over dynamics. They mistakenly attribute this difference as superiority by way of the "wow factor". The ethereal quality of electrostatics...
I think the "almost no loss" resale days of the KGSSHV are long over (judging by the number of >$2000 listings rotting in the Classifieds).   Maybe people are coming to terms with the fact that it's priced way too high for what it offers.  
I don't think the HV is really endgame but YMMV. I wouldn't bother with anything between the 323S and the BHSE or Carbon.
I think they were broken or had other issues. I remember the Japanese->English translations included the word "junk" which isn't very promising. Considering the SR-009 still goes for beyond $3k these days I'd certainly think the Omega to be worth considerably more.
I think the most recent listing for the Omega that sold in the classifieds was actually asking for $8000US. No idea whether it sold for that much but it was spoken for within a week or two. TBH it should certainly be worth more than the R10 or HE90 (on the basis of rarity and performance), either of which are fetching absurd prices right now.
FWIW I think the Omega has at least one or two people that are capable of repairing it, and from what I remember even the R10 had some potential to be saved according to Chinese forums. To that end I think you owe it to yourself to pick up an Omega if the opportunity arises. The qualities we love about the T2 are extremely synergistic with the Omega, moreso than any other transducer I have tried with it.
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