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Edit: nevermind. I don't care enough about this subject anymore to get involved.
Déjà vu... I think we've got twins.  
Anyone driving down from SF? I was planning to Caltrain down and catch a ride with a friend from South Bay, but would prefer carpooling with other attendees from the city.
That's what I thought about my humble 323S, but I'm taking the leap...
Get the mini and toss your KGSS.His amps hold value and at those prices you'll barely be out shipping if you ever decide to sell.
Is there still room?   I'd like to attend with @gnolnait and another friend. We can bring a hodgepodge of gear (I'll bring my AKG K845BT, rest is TBD but potentials include Q701, AD900X, TH-X00 and miscellaneous sources/amps).   EDIT: Gear we plan on bringing: K845BT Q701 FiiO X3II Mayflower O2/ODAC
Sounds more like an SRM-737 or SRM-008tS than anything else TBH.
Nice meeting you all. I was the guy in the Sennheiser hat. Lots of good stuff. Bill-P's HD 800 and jazzfan's HE-6 stood out for me.
Is there still room? I'd swing by with a +1 and might be able to bring my SR-Omega (no promises though). Don't think I'll bring an energizer though so if anyone has one I could hop in with that could be useful.
The number of cases of temporary imbalance far outweigh the number of cases of permanent imbalance. Given the former, I simply could not do without an energizer with independent channel control.
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