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As I hinted, I wish it weren't so expensive to build. The BOM is "fairly" priced in market terms so it's not economically overpriced, but the required cost to have something that sounds nice is depressing.
IMHO a KGSSHV isn't worth more than $1500 tops*, BOM aside. It's unfortunate it's so expensive to build.   *For context I think everything is way too expensive.
Amber and 8/10 condition, includes PSU, original box and accessories. $129 inclusive of shipping CONUS, Google Wallet preferred.
Is that a Wee I see?   Didn't Birgir mention something about some Wees having messed-up bias supplies that could destroy the diaphragms?
It's not a mistake. http://www.headamp.com/electrostat_amps/index.htmI asked a while ago and it's available. I'd probably consider it if Justin added balanced inputs, but that would require reworking the topology AFAIK.
If you're on a budget, why don't you join the many happy owners pairing their BHSEs with the venerable Yggdrasil?
Why? Like a fine spirit, Yggdrasil gets better with age.
Get either metal (if you have isolation pucks) or both. I believe ordering replacement metal spikes costs far more than $80, so it doesn't make sense to only get the rubber.   I believe the rubber feet are also of uniform size, so if you're going to have the amp and PSU on the same surface the PSU will effectively be taller than the amp. The metal spikes for the PSU are slightly shorter so everything is level on the same surface.   I'd personally use the rubber feet on...
Yup. The black Ragnaroks (presumably from the winter batch) just sold out recently. From what I understand the black finish batches from last summer and winter took a very long time to sell. That is warehouse space and overhead that could have been invested in turning more backordered silver units.A vocal minority preferring the black finish is still a minority -- the demand is simply much smaller than you think.I'm glad to have secured a black unit but I sympathize with...
New Posts  All Forums: