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Even if the midrange hardness is intrinsic to the drivers it can be ameliorated via amplification unless it's caused by the housing or resonances. FWIW some type of coloration in the midrange does indeed seem to be a common impression among those that have heard the Utopia (myself included) but I believe to-date most impressions have been from mediocre solid-state amplifiers. For me personally I'd probably take the Utopia's slightly iffy midrange over the...
It costs $3k+ in amplification to drive Stax at/near TOTL levels.There may be some ~$1k amplifier pairings for the Utopia that might upset the value proposition.I wasn't overly enthused with the Utopia at first listen but I wouldn't be surprised if most of the blame was upstream of the transducers.
Given that some users are having trouble with dropouts using OSX, I wonder if the problems are driven by software/OS or hardware issues. I agree that CPU usage is not a likely factor, but even a NIC optimized in both hardware/software terms could be kneecapped by a motherboard with intrinsically high DPC latency.
Have any of you folks still suffering from dropouts/latency spikes tried this?:   I'm wondering if assigning 1-2 cores to (1) a media player and (2) Dante Virtual Soundcard might ameliorate the problem.
IME it may actually be the 009.  The Carbon sounded pretty good with the Omega. FWIW though that Carbon has already changed hands twice now (after myself) and is now being offered to a fifth owner. This is within the span of two months... I believe the last experience I had with a full-size KGSSHV was following a Yggdrasil and paired with the SR-009. A supremely underwhelming experience -- dry and unengaging with an artificial/plasticky quality to the treble, MIA sub-bass...
Eh, that's the point I disagree with. To clear the air: I enjoyed the Carbon and BHSE and love the DIY-T2. But I've never enjoyed the KGSSHV the five or so times I've heard one (not the same unit, either). I'd be downright offended at $2k+ and would rather spend less than half the money on a SRM-323 or used SRM-7X7. The HV may be technically more competent than the wimpy Stax amplifiers, but it's just never sounded pleasant to me.
That's hardly a tall order though. 
$2k is enough for a used 007A and 323S, possibly even a used 717 or 727 if you're lucky. You'd then be free to save up towards a Carbon or better. The question is whether you want to listen to internet pundits or listen for yourself.
I chose my words very carefully i.e. "preferable to" rather than "better than." I heard the HV as being unacceptably etched in the upper registers for my tastes over several occasions and various different units. I posed a similar question a few years back e.g. "shouldn't the 323S sound sufficiently competent when operated within its means?" I was never able to solicit an (easily-digestible) answer for that one. I understand many folks with Stax like to crank it up, but...
I think a few years back someone found the 323S and KGSS to sound roughly the same at the same volume level. I believe I found the 323S to sound preferable to the HV at any volume. YMMV, etc.
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