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Of course, I was responding directly to the allegation that transistor amplifiers were subject to greater flaws than valve designs. That is not the case. I don't believe in the approach within your last paragraph because it subjects your signal to the element of randomness when a linear and transparent alternative solution (before the transducers) might be readily available.
Not quite that simple. It's pretty subjective.
Mine is the original SR-Omega (1993-1995). Are you sure the Audio Note pre-amp's inclusion in the circuit is not a function of differences in the final output level? I'm not sure of the benefit of NOS DACs though I haven't done a proper level-matched comparison against Delta-Sigma designs. I don't see much of a reason to switch at present though. For one thing, oversampling doesn't introduce audible distortion... I actually believe linear-performing valve designs were...
That's very interesting -- I was under the impression that tubes in the output stage are what might contribute significantly to the "tube sound." From my experience with power amplifiers I was under the impression that a very good valve amplifier would sound similar to a very good transistor amplifier. I believe "lesser" tube implementations (allegedly WES?) introduce too much voluntary distortion and randomness to the sound for me to chance it. The bold is precisely what...
In linear terms, anyway. Nonlinear distortion is another beast but electrostatics seem to operate so well in those dimensions that it isn't as big of a deal as with dynamics.OK, thanks. I'm curious to test this in practice. I've played with some fair orchestral and opera recordings and would like the validate any presence of audible distortion before considering anything greater. I'm not really a fan of tube designs so I tend to stay away from them (I feel the same way...
I know of a few sales that went for around that much just in recent history. I think it's a fair price and that the ~$3k mark is overpriced, regardless of what the "quoted" BOM might be. Again, for the other guy I think it's imperative to spend some time with one of them (be it the KGSS or KGSSHV) to be sure it's what you really want before springing the cash.
I've seen them go for as little as $1400-2000 second-hand (yes, the HV) if you know where to look. I highly recommend try-before-you-buy, though.
Thanks, I think this points us to the right questions. Would the introduction of nonlinear distortion products be dependent upon the amplifier's failure to provide undistorted voltage at the required output levels? I am unsure how this would occur in practice.
Call the courier and provide the tracking number and address and tell them you don't want that package, or call up your neighbor to leave a refusal note. Most couriers only provide return service once and will not re-ship the parcel to the same address after it's been refused.
This is the only loophole you have available as a seller at this point: If you refuse the package at the point of delivery (basically anything you can do to prevent the tracking from showing "Delivered", even leaving a note to be regarded by the courier or calling them on the day-of-delivery), then you will get to keep your money. The negative balance will drop off.
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