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I think they were broken or had other issues. I remember the Japanese->English translations included the word "junk" which isn't very promising. Considering the SR-009 still goes for beyond $3k these days I'd certainly think the Omega to be worth considerably more.
I think the most recent listing for the Omega that sold in the classifieds was actually asking for $8000US. No idea whether it sold for that much but it was spoken for within a week or two. TBH it should certainly be worth more than the R10 or HE90 (on the basis of rarity and performance), either of which are fetching absurd prices right now.
FWIW I think the Omega has at least one or two people that are capable of repairing it, and from what I remember even the R10 had some potential to be saved according to Chinese forums. To that end I think you owe it to yourself to pick up an Omega if the opportunity arises. The qualities we love about the T2 are extremely synergistic with the Omega, moreso than any other transducer I have tried with it.
Do you still have your R10s? I would honestly feel more uneasy owning one of those... My recollection is that the Carbon sounds considerably drier and constricted with less depth. The bass via the Carbon also sounded less powerful, extended and defined especially when it came to sub-bass performance with the 009. The most arresting difference appears to be in the sense of "ambiance" and resolution of spatial cues that only the T2 seems to be able to pull off. I'm not sure...
Interestingly the SR-Omega earpads are vinyl and thus considerably stiffer than the 007/009 pads of any variety.   I spent about 40 hours comparing the 009 and Omega closely (across both the Carbon and T2) and I felt the latter was audibly superior in tone, bass, imaging and resolution.   The 009 sounds more "clear" but this appears to be an issue of hyperclarity/tone as its resolution is certainly inferior.
Speaking of Yggdrasil, has it not been considered for the HeadAmp demo system? TBH at this point I think it's more of a known quantity than the Ayre or Chord stuff. I think BHSE owners and prospects hardly consider any other DACs except maybe the DAVE.
After spending some quality time with the 009 I think I'd prefer the HD 800 as well. The 009 doesn't seem very resolving (even my modest uncompensated, untreated nearfield speakers seem superior) although it does manage to sound quite clear. The Omega is superior in resolution although it doesn't sound quite as forward or clean. TBH to me 009:Omega is reminiscent of [decent Sabre DAC]:Yggdrasil, though of course more markedly distinguishable. Hoping to round out my...
I've been told vinyl is the only path upwards for me. Too many downsides to even be worth considering for my specific needs though.
300B isn't really suited for high-voltage applications AFAIK.
I found the SR-Omega to scale the best out of the T2 over the Carbon vs. the SR-009 followed by the HE90. Unfortunately I did not own the SR-007 or BHSE at the time to be able to compare nor any entry-level amps. I prefer the Omega (slightly less forward, better resolution, much more air, astonishingly complete bass from depth to texture to weight) by a rather large margin. The 009 may be preferable for classical but the I feel Omega is nearly impossible to beat for...
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