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Norne is back for sale as a combo. Not willing to part out the Norne.
IMHO the HE90's strength is with classical music -- a genre I don't listen to very often. What I meant to say though was that going from BHSE -> DIY-T2, I found a substantial improvement for the SR-Omega but not so much for the HE90.
I'd hypothesize the DIY-T2 to be a different beast from the SRM-T2 in light of the significantly different/superior power supply. I have had the opportunity to compare the DIY-T2 to the HeadAmp BHSE and KGSSHV Carbon and while the latter two are roughly comparable, the T2 evokes significantly stronger enjoyment for me personally. FWIW I'm speaking mainly of the SR-Omega here. The HE90 did not respond as well, though you might be interested to know that I enjoyed what I...
Norne is off the table; ZY cable is now for sale alone.
Pictures finally added.
This won't fit underneath my rack as planned so I'm going to get either a D16AES or some other low-profile solution.   9/10 condition (no cosmetic flaws/defects I can observe -- only minor signs of usage e.g. dust). Includes original accessories and packaging.   Includes an Avid/Digidesign DB25->AES breakout cable (~$100 value).   Price doesn't include shipping. Google Wallet preferred.
The ZY is 2.5m/8' and the Norne appears to be the same length.
Both cables function well. There might be a small scratch or ding on the connectors or entry plugs, but overall 7/10 condition with nothing major. $160 for both cables; not willing to part out the Norne separately at this time. Google Wallet preferred.
At the very least Sennheiser has significantly more brand recognition than Stax does (latter being a niche within a niche) and Sennheiser was actively bringing Orpheus systems to trade shows well into the 2000s. Even at Stax HQ I doubt they have an operational T2 that can be demo'd by visitors let alone bringing combos to major events given how low-key their operations are. Some new headphones are nice but nothing beats the older stuff IMHO. SR-Omega, HE90 and R10 are all...
If that Audinate Brooklyn card pricing is accurate, it is unlikely we would see a AOIP DAC solution that is cheaper than even the RedNet 3. It would need to use something outside of the Brooklyn cards to actually be profitable.
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