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Doesn't the PHA-1 have an output impedance of ~10 ohms? That probably produces some excess output centered about 75Hz or so when coupled with the ES10s.   If used to voice the modded ES10s, that might produce unexpected results when pairing the latter to low-output-impedance sources like contemporary DAPs and smartphones.
I gave Denon and Fostex another try. I didn't like the D7000 much, so it's no surprise these didn't satisfy me either (I prefer a tonal balance with the upper midrange even or slightly tipped up).   The D2000 is in great shape - 8.5+/10. No scratches in the duralumin gimbals or assembly. No flaking on the pleather pads or headband. Very little signs of use overall. No box, 1/4" adapter (just the headphones). $285 includes PayPal and shipping CONUS. $25 discount for Bay...
I'm a big fan of Monoprice ICs. Their performance stands up to some of the very best I've heard, regardless of price.
I should be in attendance. I just want to hang out, so I don't plan on bringing anything unless there is very strong interest in an original SR-Omega.
I have tried all kinds of tube and solid state designs in the speaker realm. In a level-matched ceteris paribus environment I was unable to distinguish between most solid state equipment. The effects of valve equipment were in comparison random, with a few designs sounding indistinguishable from solid state counterparts and others being a bit unpredictable. Like I stated earlier, I prefer a predictable (boring?) upstream so that I know colorations are products of my...
The R10 is slightly overrated due to rarity and prestige. If it was produced today I don't think it would command a price significantly higher than the W3000 or TH-900; it's certainly not superior to the latter at a technical level.I miss my W3000 and regret selling them. I actually used to run them from the same setup as you (assuming you're using the Peachtree Nova).
No. I have the same amplifier. It is safe to leave them plugged in, and imbalance as a result of parasitic charges can spontaneously develop from silly things such as temperature/humidity changes. In other words, incidences of imbalance can be random.   A dust cover may help.
Yes, and also the distortion (most likely some form of crackling or problems in the bass).   I have had situations where a week was insufficient but a month was.
Parasitic charge.   You can play around with plugging them in/out of the driver unit (shorting out the pins with your finger each time).   In my experience the only long-term solution is to stow the headphones away for at least a week (a month would be ideal) to completely discharge the diaphragms and render a more permanent solution.
Possibly audible if there's artifacts when bringing the mix to 16-bit.   16-bit has theoretical limitations versus 24-bit (i.e. 48dB of dynamic range), but virtually no practical limitations.   The former format encompasses 96dB of dynamic range. The widest dynamic range demonstrated in a recording over the past few decades has been less than 90dB. The most dynamic orchestral/opera pieces in specialized concert halls will obtain about 60dB of dynamic range.   24-bit...
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