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Check your private mail. Nix
Hi I'm possibly interested - how would the custom fitting work? Oh, and $$$? Best regards Nic (Sydney, Australia)
I used the "your mother" as a convenient tag for people who would not normally listen to the Darkest Desires gendre at all. In my case, the person concerned being my non-subscribing better half. Too subtle? I suspect I am not alone. Hence, it would be useful to identify softer, "nicer" Darkest Desires tracks that might be enjoyed by gentle folk. Such tracks also show the versatility of many Darkest Desires artists - and demonstrates that style of music mostly...
I've been toying with making a compilation of the more "accessible" Darkest Desires songs for my better half ... Any ideas?
OK, me too ... could someone please PM me ... thanks !!! Also, could we have some BEFORE and AFTER photos ??? Nix
"The Lamb" is album is generally accepted as a classic, possibly the ultimate prog concept album of all time and has a huge cult following. Not surprisingly a Google search of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" finds over 20,000 references. When released, it was highly critically acclaimed, but not universally affected by all Genesis fans. Written (almost) solely by Peter Gabriel - here are the Tracks and Lyrics. And an interview. Many interpretations have...
Quote: Originally posted by minya And I just have to sit and wonder... what the hell is WRONG with you people!? Are you NUTS!? Nearly every single day I discover a new band or artist or album that I have not yet heard and that often blows me away and shows me something totally new. ... except Beauty & The Beast ???
'Edge of the ocean' - Ivy (though I have never heard it or the commercial) Nix
Hi DA Who is the Scott you mentioned before?
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