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Not to leave this as the last word on the subject... while I may have had a similar opinion in the past. That all changed when I bought a headphone amp capable of melting most headphones before it has a stitch of audible distortion (see my sig). Now it's perfection at any volume that doesn't result in the magic smoke that makes the headphone work from being released.
I've been thinking about giving Grado another look. Really wish they were attending.
Answer: as long as you can bear the heat of the glaring eyes on the back of your neck... HahaTo add to the suggestions of great things to do ...What the out of towners do: take a walk 1/2 way out on the Brooklyn bridge. Turn around and fall to the deck at the majesty of the view. JUST PLEASE, stay out of the bike lane! (You'll find you may not be able to because of the mass of people ... tho hopefully not so in the height of winter).What the New Yorkers do: Walk...
Oops, somehow missed them in the list. Thanx for your patience.
Hope one of the amp manufacturers at the show has Sony's new totl hp. Would be surprised, but hoping.
Hm, my eyes just never locked on to the thread title. Not sure I was looking in the right section tho.
Also deleted?
Weird that Beyerdynamics seems to often be at the NY/LI meets, but won't be at this? And isn't Grado out of Brooklyn? While I've never seen an official presence at a NY/LI meet (tho I miss more of them than attend), I'd expect them to want to be at something like this. Would really like to see AKG too.
I thought I read a report of the opposite; bigger cavit does usually mean less focus and quantity of bass and less attenuation of treble. Only saying this to mean I consider the jury is still out.
Yeah. Was hoping to read this before the end.
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