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Nice life! I think Dan & company are on a roll. No, I can't imagine they'll stop evolving and advancing their offerings.
Know someone in the industry (audio sales) ...? Pretty sure it's the only reason I got a discount that covered tax.
30 minutes seems faulty. But also it takes 3 or 4 full charge/drain cycles for lithium ion batteries to become stable and long lasting.
Thought I'd throw out while the pause lockout is annoying, after a few days I just got used to clicking the power then the play. And I'm OK living with it now.
Yes. It's annoying. It will work for a few (dozen?) seconds after the screen is off. Then is locked out.Edit: ah yes, what twister said. The deep sleep mode conserving battery is amazing.
I do; with pix of each piece for insurance purposes . And she never wears any of it anymore. It's all in a safe deposit box. Grrr, think of everything I could buy if all were sold... hahaha
My wife knows my hp collection. Can't sneak it into circulation.
I just sold a Jeep I didn't need. Maybe I should just take the leap rather than wait for an upgrade program to become available. ... wife would love that move. I promised her the Mc MHA100 and HE1K was the last purchases ever ... then came like 3 more hp and 1 more amp and 1 more dac/amp and 1 more dap ... Lol.
Neither.Has optical out which all my dacs have as input, & applies the eq to the optical stream.Great sounding for what it does.
At risk of being too OT, have you tried the newer firmware? It's supposed to address the startup speed. ...I've yet to workup the nerve to afix the screen protector. I didn't buy the leather cover.
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