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right. sooo close here. In time, may accept the compromise. Will search or wait a bit more for now.
bummer. Thank you.My search for the 'perfect' dap to meet my needs continues.
So what is the concensus on using the balanced 2.5mm HP out to XLR in of a balanced amp? Is the HP out clean enough that you're not amplifying noticeable distortion? Also can anyone tell me, can this be charged and stream over USB OTG at the same time? Implying, is this only chargeable over USB or is there a separate power plug on it to charge it, allowing for USB streaming at the same time?
Curious if the drivers loosen and bass increases. I'm very amazed to read 'lacking bass' as only my Yamaha Pro500 has more bass (& bass slam) than the AP. tho I do have the tuning dots in place too. Could I have got one that has an atypical tune? Tyll's measurements are inline with how mine sounds, w/a bass emphasis: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/MrSpeakersAlphaPrime.pdf
the Mjolnir 1. It's on closeout for $500; couldn't pass up the deal. I already have the McIntosh MHA100 so wasn't looking for 'near' totl here, so the 1 was 'good enough'.mikoss, Ya, I know I could make a cable. Just being lazy? haha. And looking for an upgrade; tho not sure my affected hearing will hear it.
If you have an Ebay account and search for "hd-650 (balanced, xlr)", is there a cable there you would recommend to buy? Thanx! I just added a Mjolnir to the stable. So I figure I'd get a balanced cable for the HD-650. (And it'll work for the speaker taps of the MHA100 too)
Never mind ... lol This 'must go unnamed' crap is just that.
Hi, did you happen to make a 'build thread' or video of the mod? (There may be a chorus of people wanting to say they exist from others, I just never cared until now now that I picked up a Mjolnr on closeout). I think I'd like to do the same.
Re: "...th900...since they said that Dan's MrSpeakers is just a small company and the quality of the products cannot be compared to big companies like the Sennheiser and Grado." The th900 they recommend is neither of those large manufacturers. It is however the manufacturer who made the driver in the AlphaPrime (before Dan customizes it), the body (sans cup and pad), and the headband! funny, that. Dans product is a lovingly handmade low volume production where each...
my only regret is the torturing of my eardrums since about 1982 or whenever I got my first Sony Walkman ... As Dan pulls out the most treble and bass from these by 'pushing down' the mids relative to the extremes, for me to get the mids to sing and fill my ears, I find i need to amp it with something that has at least 300 to 500 milli watts at the 40~ish ohms of these hp.I think you should be quite happy with that amp choice TsKen.
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