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What is everyone using as a tube tester? Edit: I didn't think this forum supported quoted multi-string searches. But I found a search for "tube tester" was accurate. So I found good discussions.
Thanx abvolt and all earlier. Question, anyone else find the output to be reversed? Last night I finally got around to firing it up. I noticed something was off right away on the 1st track i listened to. Soon realized on the 2nd track what should be in my right ear on one of my test tracks I know especially well was coming from my left ear. The 1/4 inch output is the same as 4pin xlr. That they're consistent is good as this can simply be addressed by swapping...
Doesn't the green oxidization require salt? Not sure. Which I guess could come from your fingers/hands anyway. Yes, clear coat makes sense.
I thought two out of three of them were developers. Lol, not much marketing to convey if you can't converse. But hey, I appreciated their effort big time. They were well received too.
I spoke to the engineers / software developers who were in attendance at Can Jam NYC not long ago and personally conveyed this very same annoyance and request to them. There was a language barrier to cross, but I'm pretty sure I got the request across. They weren't immediately agreeable to it being something they can easily make configurable. But at least I got a nod in understanding it's an annoyance. (I also requested more eq presets, and the ability to name them ......
Exactly, this. I imagine Smyth or some individual organizing A16 head transfer function measurement parties in a ultra high end reference room where there is a high concentration of owners; for a fee of course.Come to think of it...I'll have to spark up a conversation with a cousin of mine. He has many nominations and a good many Emmy and/or Oscar wins as a member of the post production sound mixing team on tv shows and movies respectively. He's always moving around...
Yes, thank you.
I'll be taking a large plastic storage container. Moreso just looking for suggestions of what to put the tubes into from anyone with experience doing that. I'll figure something out. Maybe will use Illy coffee containers plus some foam sheets if i hid some away somewhere. And holding it all myself in a taxi
Hah! love the confidence. Buy prrreety sure dirty 5V power on a USB source shows up in various dac-amp measurents. I've seen various tests where high order non-harmonic spurious signals in the frequency spectrum were squelched just by changing cables to one w/an integrated shunt (the right name isn't coming to me right now; someone help me out).
Lol. No, no. The question is a continuation of what I said earlier, about bringing it home from the Stereo Exchange store. Conditions of the final auction are we buyers are responsible for packing it up and getting it out the door and home. It doesn't have the original packaging.
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