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Can't believe there isn't more talk about this place. Just discovered this having walked by it and then into it to check it out. Their retail space is huge. Dunno how they can afford the rent if they aren't selling a million of these, and at least some of them headfi'ers talking about it. I didn't buy as I wanted to read impressions. Very surprised there are none here or in the other thread that died in 2014.
Does Mc outsource all design and firmware programing? That could be why. Would be quicker if they had in house expertise. or so I suppose.
the way I drive it it's like speakers on my head with the wife across the room. She at least keeps saying she doesn't care tho; cares more about what I'm doing to my already affected ears ... 25th yr wedding anniversary just passed.
Ok, while we are hot & heavy on the bass thing ... I have a McIntosh MHA100 amp; it has a 40hz bass boost at 2.5db increments. Thought I'd never use the bass boost, but turns out I may adjust it more than I do the volume. While I would never say the Ether is thin ... never. I do like a 'emphasized' sound so do choose to bump the bass (important: as I do with every other headphone in my signature, so it's a preference for me, not an Ether difficiency ). My preference...
Different thread. ;p But yes, far more were delivered than how many posted impressions.
Indeed. #4845 just shipped. Thank you for it; so looking forward to it.
I'm just happy there's someone here that knows about grok! (yeah to reddog) Ya, I guess I get the desire to compare the he1k to this simply because they're new totl planar offerings. But imo they are in different classes. So I won't fret if the Ether doesn't surpass it in most ways. That it even matches or comes close in some ways is sufficient (For me). This said as background to say my hope is those getting the Ether from this production run with ownership or...
Wow, thanx for working on the legal 4th of July holiday. Sounds like mine will be arriving while I'm away on vacation. I'll be thinking about the Ether sitting there behind my concierge desk (safely in a storage room) during that time away and it'll be a nice treat when I get back.
This post seems to imply you should be ok.http://www.head-fi.org/t/760249/mrspeakers-ether-impressions-thread/1395#post_11730844
I have affected hearing and listen loud. My Alpha Prime leaks more sound than my MadDog 3.2. At least that's what the wife tells me. And my ears when I put them over my thigh and listen.This is not to negate what's written above but to supplement it.
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