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I'm a loser in this game.
how soon after? I was in the very first group to buy the original Ether, getting in on the free t-shirt and cable offer, and my cable is good.Terribly kinky and holds a tight coil memory. But no microphinics.
I used big shakers under the seat of my jeep. That, with bass boxes that molded around the whole rear wheelwell behind covering the audible bass made for a very viceral experience. With two shakers on either side of one seat... have you experimented with one out of phase? Since shakers really only push and not pull, it seems they're only effective for 1/2 the wave; so I wonder if using two with one out of phase would result in the whole bass wave transfered to the seat.
ooh, shakers. I have some sitting around. Need to stop procrastinating and put them to use and join in on enjoying that experience. (I know we diverge from the original idea posed about the purchase experience and not the ownership and use)
My HDTRACKS purchases (along with all the music I collected and ripped over 2+ decades actually) are replicated and reside on no less than 4 drives or raid-6 arrays. Then parts of the collection on 2 more. Call me paranoid if you like. Suffering countless drive or raid array failures since the early 90s, I think the caution is warranted.
I crank my headphones. Open or Closed I ain't hear'n noone or nuth'n when the music is playing. I'm leaning heavily towards closed. I have the he1k for an open totl hp. They're practically glued to my head and the Ether hardly gets love now at the desk; it's more my portable totl hp now. So a rejiggering of my still beloved red ether to a less enticing black/carbon C Flow seems the most logical.
Both. It is music I love. But also gives most pairs of headphones that otherwise have 'good bass', serious troubles when encountered.While all my speakers have no trouble reproducing that when listened to loud, I don't think I've ever found a headphone that is considered 'bassy' that can reproduce it cleanly with high amplitude. The Ether v1 open, can handle it, but is a bit lacking in authority. Curious if the tune of the Ether C Flow, said to be tilted to the low...
Ya, you bet. Noticed the same several months ago, soon after I bought them.The ultra light mass of the he1k diaphragm, which it should be noted has no rigidity on its own, is a double-edged-sword of sorts.The decoupling of the earpad from the ear, thereby turning what amounts to a closed box speaker on the head side of the earphone into an open box, removes all the acoustical resistance of that 'closed system' on the inside of the earpads. That permits the diaphragm to...
Anyone who has spent some time with the Ether C Flow ... have you sampled it with some seriously heavy lower octave continuous tones (not drum thump transients, but synthesizer generated notes). I'm talking like some of those songs from Synergy's first album's loud & low tones. If so, does the Ether C Flow hold up tight and clear with that, sans 'flubby bass'? Thanx! Btw, if anyone had the pleasure to listen to tracks with loud super low continuous tones with either...
256 Gig cards are coming soon. My unproven belief is it will be recognized by the Opus #1 without a firmware update. I'm running two 200 Gig cards now.
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