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Ah, hmm, wonder why that didn't show up on my feed. Thanx.
But, mentioned how? As in people saying they want it? Or mentioned by reps of the manufacturer or in press releases? Only the latter matters. Would be interesting to hear if you read it from official channels. (I have the m9xx so don't need it)
Was there ever an announcement that was coming?
eBay !!!
Sorry to say but you can't use that as a source dap. The M9XX doesn't have an analog line in. It also does not have a s/pdif coax input. It has a s/pdif optical / toslink input only. That was a major contributing factor for why I bought the Opus #1 dap, not one of the FiiOs.
Perhaps it would negate confusion if we start calling the one sewn to the stock pad the "earpad back plate" or "earpad sound-focusing plate" and the other the "mounting ring". Notable differece, plate vs. ring.
Try pulling the plastic plate with the oval opening apart from the stock pads and using it with the dekoni.Making clones of the plate in question is the second reason I have for buying a 3d printer.
Actual Michael, I guess I do have one more question in regards to the m9XX related to the m905. If using a short TOSLINK cable, I am able to stream 24bit/192Khz material from my DAP to the m9XX. It is temperamental, but it does work. I notice the m905 does not list support for that bit depth and rate for the TOSLINK input. In reality is it the same tho? It is temperamental and dependant on the cable, but can usually work. Or should I not expect it to work, ever? Thanx!
Look out for the bears ... or hunters shooting them. ... poor peddles.
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