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Posts by BrianDonegan   On Monday May 20, 2013, a powerful tornado impacted the towns of Moore, Newcastle, and southern portions of Oklahoma City, causing widespread destruction.  In the weeks since then, several more tornados have touched down in the area, causing death and destruction.    Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, in coordination with the United Way of Central Oklahoma, has established the OKStrong Disaster Relief Fund to...
No, there is no NDA on selling chips.  We sell as complete units because of the difficulty of assembly, and the cost of parts involved.  It would be a bummer to pay for all the parts and ruin them, which is easy to do.  It would also be overwhelming for me to build kits and complete units, time-wise.  I build all the kits myself, and have a full time job and kids, so, I need to make certain sacrifices in what we offer.
This was posted over on DIYAudio:
    No. Tin/Lead does not tarnish.   Degradation of old solder joints is typically caused by the acidic flux left on the board (not properly cleaned off in most electronics due to cost).  
Buffalo III with Tridents Placid HD or LCDPS to power the Buffalo + transformer (9V) S/PDIF Level Converter for coax (single or 4-channel if you want multiple sources) TOSLINK optical module to convert Optical to TTL-level S/PDIF USB Module to convert USB to TTL-level S/PDIF Ideally an I/V converter (IVY or Legato + Placid BP or LCBPS + Transformer (15V)    
Two additional things to think about with oil cooling...   1) You still need heatsinks on the enclosure to cool the oil.  It will absorb the heat, and eventually get up to the same temp as the parts you are trying to cool... it needs to go somewhere.  Oil (or water in a car) is used as a thermal conductor to get the heat from the hot thing to the thing that can get rid of the heat (heatsink or radiator).   2) By submerging all the electronics in oil, you are...
For the best possible sound quality, I strongly suggest you use the ES9018's internal digital volume control.  You don't "lose bits."  it attenuates the output without adding noise, as all analog solutions will do.  If you go this route, the Buffalo-III just needs a pot to make it happen.
  A single PlacidBP (especially the new HD version) can power both IVY's.   It is a feasible setup.  You will want to be careful with the routing of the I2S signals, especially in regards to power supply wiring.  Try to not cross them.  You may be better off putting the receiver/metro between the opus stacks, and moving the placidBP to the front of the case.   Dual Mono does increase the performance, and many people swear by that.  Whether it will matter to your ears...
The IVY has both current-input and voltage-input.  The voltage inputs feed 2.2K resistors to provide a proper load for the WM8741.  You get a fully-differential buffer with filtering.
I am extending the raffle until Saturday, September 11th. The drawing will be at 9AM EST.
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