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Hello   I have got one of these unwanted gifts that has got no use in my setup. Here's the link. It's close to this but it could only do 24/96 and not 24/192. It fits ideal with someone having a computer as transport and a DAC with no USB inputs. It used to be quite expensive during it's heydays. Please give me your best offer if you want to buy it or if you have something obsolete that you would like to trade with.   Flash sale: £30 Shipped   Thanks Ven
Fellow Head-Fiers This is an unwanted gift as I have got no use for it in my setup. I don't need to do the sales pitch but here's the link with all the information. It goes for $200 if you get it brand new so I feel my pricing is quite reasonable.  I can ship it to anywhere but would prefer offers from UK/EU. Please approach me if you have a better offer. Sold Thanks Ven
Wonderful! Sigh of relief. Andy, you are a star 🌟
Excited! Looking forward to meet all the venerable veterans and newbies. 
I could offer a lift from Coventry if anyone's around. PM me and we could exchange phone numbers :-)
And in the UK, no air travel required   
Always a pleasure Mark.You're right Andy, virgins alike ;)   My list would be...   Arcam rDAC ODAC   Objective2 Neco Soundlabs V3   Hifiman HE-5LE Yamaha HPH-MT220
Can't wait this to happen for not having one in 2014. See you all around, veterans!
Nice interview, always good to see people like Paul Barton talking sense. Thanks for your effort Jude!
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