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What do you do for living if you don't mind me asking ☺
Sale in progress!
Are you open for trade?
Hi Robert   Here's the thing in required format.    HeadFi username: vkvedam   Location: Coventry, United Kingdom   Previous Reviews:    Shure SRH840   Denon AH-A100   Graham Slee Novo Loaner Programme   Equipment List   Full Size: Hifiman HE-5LE, Yamaha HPH-MT220 Portable: Unique Melody Modded Shure E500 Source: MacBook Pro, Arcam rDAC, Chord Electronics Mojo, HTC 10
Back on sale!
Price drop! Come on fellow head-fiers. It's a bargain for this little gem.
Interested in the tour programme (UK). Please put me on the list. I could put my less efficient Hifiman HE-5LE through it's paces and compare.
New Posts  All Forums: