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Mark/Andy Could I put in a request for a Chord Poly audition? Or is it too late? Thanks Ven
Any raffles Mark/Andy this time around?
Whoa!   How the hell did I miss this entire thread?      Count me in please if it's not too late, good to meet all the veterans :-)   Regards Ven
Hi Are these Rev 2 or the first version? Thanks Ven
I can understand your point, I do assess things quite critically. Looks like they might have cocked it up. It's strange though as both these headphones share the same 45mm drivers :-)
Sounds like there is something wrong with your pair may be, they can't really be that bad 😟
Yes mate, they are sold now.
Sale in progress...   Item needs to be shipped.
 Cheers Mr Moses. I am happy with my MT220s and really don't want to upgrade just for the sake of detachable cable and other ergonomic features as the SQ seems to be pretty much on par. I would have thought so based on the technical specifications and apparently they use same drivers from as per Yamaha Japan's tech representative.
All   This is just an interest check for my beloved HE-5LEs as they aren't getting much head time now a days and sort of collecting dust. I would prefer someone from the UK but EU are welcome as well. Certainly willing to sell.   Bought them in May 2011. The veneer that attaches the lid to the box is slightly torn (from day 1) and that is something quite common with these Hifiman boxes. Headphones are in mint condition.     Best Regards Ven
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