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Always a pleasure Mark.You're right Andy, virgins alike ;)   My list would be...   Arcam rDAC ODAC   Objective2 Neco Soundlabs V3   Hifiman HE-5LE Yamaha HPH-MT220
Can't wait this to happen for not having one in 2014. See you all around, veterans!
Nice interview, always good to see people like Paul Barton talking sense. Thanks for your effort Jude!
Looking for these, if you have got one you want to sell, let me know.    Thanks...
Check out REL acoustics line up. For my room I have got T5 along with LS50s. They match and blend in pretty well. Look up on the R-218, got some pretty good reviews. SVS are also good but expensive in the EU.
Payment received from John!
Any interest? Quote me your best offer...
Hi Bob   Thanks for the heads up. Closing the listing down. Seems to be out of stock. Did you manage to snatch one?   Regards Ven
Price Drop!
Hi All   As the title suggests I have got a pair of these in a sealed box unopened. I am not much of an IEM guy so would like to sell these and put the money towards something else. From my research these things retail for about £170 in the UK. Any sensible offers would be accepted and if you have got something else that you would like to trade please do get in touch with me.   Price: £120 Shipped in the UK   Pictures to follow....   Best Regards Ven
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