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For sale are a pair of HD800s in perfect condition S/N# 336. They have been babied so there are no scratches/scuffs/dings and have been used in a pet free and smoke free environment. I am the original and only owner. These are completely stock and unmodded. Comes with original packaging including retail box and headphone case (see pics).
For sale is a like new AT-HPS500 headphone stand. It is in brand new condition, no scratches/dings. Price includes shipping to ConUS.
Anyone know a good CD store in Manhattan with lots of asian pop releases (looking for Taiwanese and Korean pop CDs)?
Up for sale is my 840C in great condition.  No scratches or blemishes with the exception of one small scratch on the back panel (see pictures).  The player has very low hours on it -- approximately 50 hours.  Remote included.  I will ship the 840C double boxed with its original retail packaging.   I'm asking for $900 SHIPPED to the ConUS.  Paypal payment preferred.  Additional feedback in my signature.
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Thanks so much!  I've been reading a lot from there.     I'm trying to decide between an Antea KS and Antea 365.  My biggest concern is that I have a small wrist (~6.25'' circumference) and am afraid that the Antea's will look too big on me.  I've checked Stowa's website and it seems there is only a 1.0mm difference in the diameters of the KS and 365, so I'm not too concerned about the diameter of the faces.  What gets me is that the KS is much thinner than the 365.  I...
I've been checking out the Stowas lately and definitely settled on purchasing one (maybe will get a Lum-tec in the future).  I'm just looking for a forum that has info on the different models and intracacies of each piece.  Anyone know where I can see discussions about the Stowa watches?
Thanks so much!  That's much simpler than I thought.  Now to decide which B series to go with...   What's the difference between all the different B series besides the aesthetics?  Do the more expensive ones just have more expensive movements and are they worth the extra money (are the nicer movements just for bragging rights???)  
I think I might pick up a B series watch soon.  Are the straps easy to change yourself (keep in mind this is my first watch so I have absolutely no experience tinkering with watches)?  Is there a website/brand you suggest?  I'd also be interested in getting a metal band to switch out with the NATO style straps.    
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