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Hi I have just replied to the PM from FiiO. I have been quite busy. Sorry, looking forward to conduct the review!!! Best regards
Hello:   I am interested in reviewing these earbuds     -Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:   Senheisser HD 600 and 605.   Etymotic 4P/S   Westone 4R   Yuin OK2   Yuin OK3   -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess   IMod Red Wine Audio HiFiMan 901s Ipod 5,5 Xduuo 2 Sansa Clip Larocco Diablo Larocco PRII   -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have...
Hi I am still interested. Regards
PM sent
PM sent
Pm sent
PM sent.
Hello I am interested in buying a pair of Westone 4R. Please send offered by PM. My feedback is in the archives. http://www.head-fi.org/t/197519/rodaballo I am located in Vigo, Spain 36208 I prefer to use PayPal. Thank you
Pleaselet me know of any offers I am located in Spain. Regards
For my ears OK1 has more detail and spaciousness but you do not get the isolation that you get with the RE252. Yesterday I compared in an airplane trip the isolation of the RE252, ER4P/S and Westone E3X. ER4P/S are the ones that isolate the most but they have their sound profile and some people are unable to wear them. The isolation of the E3X and the RE252 is similar. For some music and mind states I woudl prefer one or the other. It seems to me that the RE252 gives...
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