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I'm still using this dap daily and since the update to allow lossless playback it is now bordering on perfection. I don't mind the basic interface, it's the sound quality that I adore. The only feature I'm now still waiting for is the promised 24/192 FLAC playback so that I can tag my 24/192 files, but WAV is good enough for the time being.
Well I'm still getting a half second pause between all my tracks - or is this only supported with Wav files too? I listen to a lot of live albums and concept albums so gaps are really annoying
Okay I'll try converting to wave for the 192khz files, bit of a shame though. How about gapless? Anyone managed to find this option?
Also, just tried to play a 24-bit / 192Khz file and it said "not supported" - although the spec sheet says that it should - anyone else had any issues with this?
Hey. Finally got my HAP90SD and I'm very impressed with the sound quality. As good as you led me to believe However, I have one major gripe. It's advertised as having gapless playback, but I can't seem to find the option to turn this on. Any ideas?
Very tempted by this - I'm torn between this and the AK100 II, but that's a lot more expensive and doesn't have the iPhone compatibility for use with Qobuz etc. What's the new firmware like?
 Hi vrapan, They actually have a microphone built-in to the side of the earcup for answering calls, so this can be done wirelessly.     Hi danielcalutul, Glad to hear you're enjoying your H6 headphones - they really are a great sounding product.  In regards to your question about the H8's battery - once the battery dies, you can continue using them by connecting the wire and hard-wiring them to the source, or you can simply pop out the battery and put in a spare charged...
Innovative B&O PLAY interface and design takes wireless headphones to the next level        For a long time wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation have been big, clumsy and short of battery lifetime. For the first time Danish design and sound aficionado, B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN lets you enjoy true wireless freedom with an innovative aluminium touch interface, active noise cancellation and up to 14 hours of battery lifetime all wrapped in a sleek,...
No problem L0SLobos,   Yes, I've listened to the B&W P3s also. I really like the P3s, but I much prefer the sound of the BeoPlay H2s.  I'd say the P3s are a very impressive sound for the money with a decent mid-range, but I just find them a little dull and unexciting, lacking a little in detail overall. I find he H2s to be a much punchier sound with plenty of low-end without sacrificing detail - overall a good warm presentation, but unrestrained in their delivery. I'd...
Just been listening to these headphones at the new Bang & Olufsen store in Leeds. They actually sound rather impressive for the price. Much warmer sound than their larger siblings the H6 and a heck of a lot easier to drive too, though the finish isn't quite as luxurious. Whilst the bass is certainly a lot more dominant in these than the H6, I wouldn't say its overbearing, just complimentary, similar to the B&W P5. If you're looking for neutrality, then you'd be better...
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