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I'll also add that I'd prefer it to either be a 1 box solution, or like I have now, a 2 box solution that sticks together
Hi guys,   Looking to pick your brains again. I currently have the following portable rig:   iPhone 5S V-Moda Vamp Versa B&W P7   It's a good setup and I enjoy using it, but I'm missing some features from my previous rig, which was an Astell & Kern, primarily the ability to playback 24bit music. However, the major improvement over the AK100 with the Vamp Versa is the amplification, which can go much louder. I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd and progressive music in...
Hi there. The Ak100 is in excellent condition and comes with a fitted leather case, but I'm not really interested in the pha-1. Thank you for your offer though.
Probably old news, but just plugged my Astell & Kern AK100 into my laptop and it just updated it with DSD support - yay!  :)
We have just got these in at Superfi - I'll post my impressions shortly
Hi guys,   I'm just starting an interest check thread for stocking the Astell & Kern products at Superfi around the UK. As some of you know I work in the Leeds branch and I use an AK100 myself and we have had a few customers ask about the Astell & Kern products, so I'm hoping to get it into Superfi stores.   But in order for the company to do that, I need to know if there's enough interest from the headphone buying public, so I'm starting with you guys first. I'm also...
Hi there,   I'm looking to buy a CEntrance HiFi-M8 for iPod if anyone has one for sale, any reasonable offers considered, or I'd be willing to part-exchange for my Astell & Kern AK100 - again, any reasonable offers considered. Please reply in this thread or PM me if you're interested.   Thanks. Paul.
we don't have stock at Superfi yet - although I'm currently on holiday, so it may have shown up - I'm not sure.
hey guys, thanks for the replies - I didn't realise that USB products for Android phones existed - I'll have to start looking into that :)  I looked into the HRT and it seems they do one called the Headstreamer Mobile that works with Android.  Would I need a better source if I'm using a DAC/Amp though - I thought that would negate the source.
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