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That's awesome. I showed one of my friends earlier today and we were both trying to figure out how he achieves the effect-- is it an insane understanding of optics and perpective, or just natural intuition? I would love to see one with my own eyes. I wonder if you have to keep one eye closed to get the right effect in person?
I have all their albums except the new one. I was really into them for a few weeks, but for me it was the kind of music that just doesn't last very long because of it's catchy nature. I still enjoy listening to them from time to time, though.
Happy birthday to one of the more entertaining ex-posters around here
Are any of you college-aged guys or girls on the facebook? For those who don't know what it is, has become one of the biggest timewasters on campuses across the nation. It's kinda like a huge adress book; you create an account and put up a picture of yourself and add some information about your interests such as music preferences, hobbies, jobs and clubs, favorite movies, etc. Once you've made your account, you start inviting people you know to be...
Or, the same idea, different line-- Me: "Do you have a band-aid?" Girl: "No, why?" Me: "Because I am CUT!!" *flexes arms*
I've loved every math class I've taken so far except linear algebra. That stuff is way too abstract, and my professor really sucked. Right now I'm loving multivariable/vector calculus, but there's one thing that really confuses me. When you do a single integral over a one-variable function, you find the area under the curve. When you do a double integral over a two-variable function, you find the volume between two surfaces. And when you do a triple integral over a...
The Verve. They broke up a few years before I got into their stuff.
I vote no only because I see people on campus wearing them all the time (or HD212's) and I think they look pretty damn weird .
Quote: Right, but can you go from Mac>USB key>PC ? Yep, my USB key works flawlessly with my PowerBook and any random PC I plug it into at the library. The only thing you have to watch out for is that when you delete something from your USB drive when it's plugged into a Mac, it's not actually gone, it's just moved into a ".trashes" folder that's a lot like your recycle bin. Just go to "Finder > Empty Trash" while it's plugged in and it'll be gone.
Quote: He is now up by a minute on all of his possible rivals, and that after ONE stage! Not even a stage, just the prologue! I can't believe how much time he put in over such a short course.
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