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Has anyone else picked up this album yet? I've been a big fan of BRMC since their first album, and I'm still trying to make up my mind on 'Howl.' I don't mind the change in style from shoegazing/grunge to bluesy/classic rock (in fact, it seems to suit them quite well), but the material itself seems more boring this time around. The more upbeat tracks are great, I just wish they could keep that momentum through the whole album. My favorite track so far is probably...
My PowerBook is just over a year old, it's the model that preceeded the new ones that have the hard drive shock control stuff and the built-in touchpad scrolling.
Now that I have wireless broadband working, I want to eliminate as many cords as I can from my desktop to leave just my laptop. I'm considering buying a Logitech MX900, but I've got a question about it. All the pictures I see show that it also has a dock, and this dock terminates to a USB connector. Does this mean that you have to plug in the dock to your computer so it can interface with the mouse? I have an Apple Powerbook, FWIW. As far as I knew, plain old...
I gotta recommend the iBook. Before I got my 15" PB for school, I used a 12" 800mhz iBook for two years. We didn't have a single reliability issue with the iBook, which definitely can't be said for the PB. And truth be told, considering how I use my laptop, I'd probably be much happier with an iBook than PB if I could have a dedicated desktop. The iBooks are much sturdier feeling in your hands, which is what I need when I'm constantly toting it across campus. The only...
I'm kinda confused. I thought there was supposed to be new a Sam and Max game sometime last year? Did that one fall through?
I've been meaning to see this for awhile. My dad was a surfer in his teen years because he was right next to the ocean most of his life, and he told me this movie was supposed to be good. I'll have to pick it up sometime.
Have a good one!
I prefer strap watches to metal bands. I also have VERY skinny wrists (6'0", 125 lbs), and this watch fits me great. I know you said you don't like gold, but it's a handsome watch in person that's not too flashy, and it goes with pretty much anything. EDIT- link here.
I just use the RSS headlines screensaver that was included with OS X Tiger. Keeps me updated with slashdot news, and the floating text presentation is really cool.
Quote: his reply: "Dude, that song wasn't party material." If he get an attitude, pop it like it's hot, pop it like it's hot...
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