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I'm a sophomore at Georgia Tech majoring in civil engineering. Our campus is definitely urban, but it's been a nice change considering I grew up in the middle of nowhere. There's always WAY too much construction going on, though.
USC definitely needs a new kicker. On the other hand, LETS GO JACKETS! We held tough even through Gailey's awful play calling in the 4th!
Let's go USC! I go to Georgia Tech, so I naturally hate the Dawgs. And I grew up a Gator fan, so I gotta support Spurrier again. It's weird seeing him with a different team, though.
The pictures of Bourbon Street before the storm are surreal...
Quote: ...although for some reason Safari likes to crash when I am looking at Have you updated to the latest Safari version (2.0.1) yet? I was having the same problem with other sites, and this latest update fixed all of it.
I prefer Camino to Firefox. Still based of the Mozilla engine, and the latest version has a cleaner UI.
Is there any program that can make this conversion on a Mac? A friend of mine made me a CD with .ogg files but of course I can't import them through iTunes. Thanks for any help.
I love my Rudy's. The optics are great, and they've been incredibly durable over the 3 year's I've had them. Many drops, and no noticeable scratches on the lenses. They also tend to be cheaper than Oakleys IIRC.
Don't want to seem like a troll, but what exactly is so special about this browser? I'm using it right now, and it doesn't really seem to be anything great, especially considering that you normally have to pay for it. I'm using the Mac version, and the interface just isn't that clean at all. I've tried using different skins, but most of them just made it worse. I'll keep playing with it for a few days, I guess.
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation, Where is my Mind? Clinic - 2nd Foot Stomp EchoBrain - Keep Me Alive The Verve - This is Music, She's a Superstar The Who - The Seeker I could keep going all day, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind
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