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Interesting I didn't know contemporary music consisted of two albums.
Quote: Originally Posted by VicAjax no, i mean Carl Sagan. But Hawking does make a badass guest appearance. I can't get enough of that song.
Quote: Originally Posted by sandchak Yeah that was quick, although I felt ashamed about how much music of mine are ripped from CDs.. I rip all my CDs, why should I feel about about that?
Millencolin - The Melancholy Collection It's been years and several headphone upgrades since I've listened to my punk albums so I figured it's about time to hear how badly they're actually recorded (so far they haven't disappointed). My amazon order came in
Quote: Originally Posted by FrozenGecko They look like they got ran over by something. What's wrong with putting a design on a flat round type shape? That's not the RCMs style, they always seem to be on the forefront of design always trying something new. I'll take one of their 100Kg $1Million face value coins.
I think it's time for a thread close, this is not constructive and is starting to get out of hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmswjm Just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there completely satisfied with the HD800 / Phoenix combo? I was under the impression that The Phoenix was designed and tweaked with low impedance cans (specifically the D2000 and D5000). Not that I've read up on it, but I assumed that people were really digging the HD800 / Beta combo as far as synergy goes. IMO the D7000 benefited much more from recabling than just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn Just to clear up any confusion, the Orca, known as the Killer Whale, is actually part of the dolphin family. I didn't know that, now I have to work that piece of trivia into a conversation .
Quote: Originally Posted by sschell A better choice than Icarus at least. Did someone say Kid Icarus? /Ouch that sun is hot
Well it sounds like it would be a massive job to re-rip everything so what I would do is re-rip a few of the discs you know really well and do a comparison. Then see if the difference is big enough to justify the process.
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