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Does anyone have any experience with the DroboPro? I'm thinking of connecting it via Firewire800 to one of those new Mac Mini Servers to host all of my media and that looks like it would be the perfect device.
Matthew Good - Vancouver
Edmonton vs Vancouver bump Go Oilers!
I saw it as the kid coming to terms with different parts of his personality and his family. Then again I have no clue what I'm talking about.
And the thread rises from the grave Anyway I'm always happy to host people, the only thing is days are for homework and studying so if anyone wants to do a mini-meet next weekend that would be cool.
You could try making a torrent and posting it on Pirate Bay.
I think I'm in group 1, but I still use two pairs of headphones. My HD800s are for home use, and my W3s are for the road. Everything (except my HD800s, W3s, Phoenix amp, and my sources) in my signature I'd would love to sell off.
That's interesting, I pulled a couple tracks from an album that's almost the complete opposite of brickwalled. 1. Moxy Früvous - Gulf War Song (Barginville) 2. Moxy Früvous - The Drinking Song (Barginville)
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