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Flat, if I didn't like the sound my equipment was producing I'd change my equipment.
Oilers over Columbus bump
Thanks all for the information so far I'm going to pick up a mac mini server first, personally I think that is the coolest piece of tech they have come out with since they moved over to the intel processor.
Quote: Originally Posted by rhythmdevils do you prefer the blackberry to the iphone? if so, why? I had a few issues with the phone, first I'm not a big fan of pure touchscreen phones (even the storm) since they don't have any tactile feedback it makes it almost impossible for me to touchtype on it. Second on more than one occasion I had the phone application crash on me in the middle of a phone call so that put the end to that. It was a fun phone...
I'm looking to stream backups of my blu-rays so I don't think USB 2 would be enough.
Yeah first thing I should probably do is get a memory card and then going through and clearing house on the software, I never had this issues with my 8830s though.
I've gone through a couple 8830s and am currently using a 9630 (after a brief stint with an iPhone ), I like it but it really needs some software tweaks because it becomes really really slow after a while.
Hmmm... I thought about that the only issue is that the Mac Mini only has 1 Firewire800 port and to get two Drobos and a DroboShare it costs the same as a Pro.
Post midterm, pre-Chicken Wing bump.
Beautiful pictures!
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