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Quote: Originally Posted by scompton Are you sure that's not the 5 disc set? It's on US iTunes for $20 and the 55 disc set is $120. I purchased it, it is 730 tracks (7.25GB of 256 kbps AAC files), it is the 55 disc set.
Yeah iTunes needs to be installed first and I just checked it is still $9.99
Just to let everyone know if you haven't seen the thread in the Members Lounge, Canadians can buy it on iTunes for $10 cdn at this moment.
Yeah 730 tracks 256kbps AAC (7.25GB of music), I know it's not lossless but for the $9.99 cdn it can't be beat (especially considering on amazon the discs are $152 cdn).
I went there Dec/Jan last winter it was my port of entry/exit. When on my first time there I wasn't too enthralled with the city it was too crowded and a little dirty, but when I went came through the second time I fell in love the people were fantastic weather was great (compared to Edmonton in January anyway). The chaos and the noise, the canals, and (I can't emphasize this enough) the people were fantastic. My next Europe trip I want to go through there again, then...
Nice, just picked it up myself
Weekend bump
Wow, that's something I may be interested in.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDeliveryMan mine looks something like this: What a surprise so does mine
Around then the Storm 2 should be out, it is not my kind of phone but rumblings are it's quite superior to the original.
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