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I love steam, their weekend deals are like crack I just can't get enough.
The Drobo is nice because it's really easy to swap out drives as you need more room but by default it is not networkable (without a Droboshare) where as this is a NAS box. As far as performance goes I don't know. I am quite fond of my HP Mediasmart EX475 since you can install whatever software you want but my needs have outgrown it.
Well I picked up a pair of Drobos (non pro) and I'm going to return them, the transfer rate is just not high enough. I store my HDTV programs (blu-ray movies) on my Drobo that is connected to my PC which does on the fly transcoding for my PS3 it used to work fine on my EX475 (with it doing the transcoding) for 720p content but now with my Drobo it seems to stutter all the time. I have the Drobo connected (FW800) to a Windows 2008 Enterprise server with 2x quad 2.66GHz Xeon...
Amusing Penny Arcade comic on the subject Penny Arcade! - Twilight Of The Clans
I received the invite thanks so much!
Here is a nice article listing all of the issues with the PC game. PC Modern Warfare 2: it's much worse than you thought - Ars Technica
I have the Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts on Blu-ray that I got with my really expensive edition.
A State of Trance 429 (05.11.2009)
I listen to whole albums, the only time listen to certain tracks is if it's not a real album but a 'best of' compilation and I'm trying to learn about a new artist.
Yeah that's one mark against the PS3 v XBox 360, the constant stripping of features. I have an original 60GB model and I don't know what I'm going to do if it dies, I can't replace/fix it easily or cheaply whereas if my XBox 360 dies (I still have my launch day original knock on wood) the replacement will have the same features + an HDMI port.
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