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It's been a long time since I've been on this site but my dead SE535's have driven me back, the cable has become damaged and therefore useless. Please PM me your price for a stock cable.   Thanks
I purchased this from a small audio shop in Vancouver, BC for I think around $700. As far as service goes I don't really know as I have never needed to look, but I think my local retailer does do service on them as they carry a wide range of their products and they service what they sell, from what I can tell though their products seem very DIY friendly as they sell kits as well.
This is the closest forum I could find on head-fi to sell this, I know it's not really the right place but I trust the community and know that there are quite a few photographers on here. I'm looking to eliminate some of my stuff and this lens hardly got used and just took up space. The lens itself is very highly regarded and performs wonderfully there are very very low cycles on it less than 50 probably. I purchased this brand new from B&H Photo just under 3 years ago,...
I purchased these RCA cables second hand, they are in excellent condition and sound great. The price is obo + shipping.  
I am the second owner of this pair of RCA cables, they are in excellent shape and sound great. The price is obo + shipping.  
I bought this pair of cables brand new custom made from a local hifi shop. They used Cardas Crosslink II cable with Neutrik plugs. The cables have hardly been used and are in perfect condition. The asking price is obo + shipping.
I am the first owner of the transport I purchased it about five years ago. I really like the sound but I highly doubt I put enough time on it to break it in. I'm just looking to clear out my audio stuff. There are some small scuffs on the right side and the bottom, that's what I get for bringing it to meets. I am open to offers but no trades please. We'll talk about shipping as this unit is pretty heavy. I have the remote as well and will provide a power cable if...
I haven't been online for a while but I just recently sold my HD-650s and do not require this cable anymore so I'm looking to sell. I was thinking in the range of $170 shipped in CAN/US but I'm open to offers.
Bought my HD800 very good buyer, quick payment would gladly do business with again.
Bought my Audio GD Phoenix amplifier, great buyer very quick with payment would gladly do business with again.
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