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Just thought I'd post some pictures of my effort that I made over the Christmas holidays ~ This is my first go at any sort of DIY electronics, it's the Beezar kit in my own enclosure. I must say that it sounds pretty good, very impressed. So, thanks to tomb & dsavitsk for putting this excellent kit out there!
Nana April Jun - The Ontology of Noise Thanks to Virometal (I think?) for alerting me to this - it's very good austere electronic music initially reminiscent of firstly Francisco López and also Kevin Drumm.
Quite simply for me I like to load different types of music on each player, there is some overlap and sound signature does play into this as well, e.g: Sansa Fuze - Ambient, gentle acoustic and electronic music in general Sony S-Series - Indie, Rock, Dance etc Sony X-Series - Classical and Jazz
#343 arrived today - enjoying them alot.
So #343 has arrived safe and sound - really impressed with short delivery time - Listening to them now. They are really very lovely, nice solid feel to them. Looking forward to many hours of fun listening to them - Thank you Todd and John!
Oh my Giddy Aunt! Guess what a man in a van delivered today 2 Bl**dy days, what took so long?
Quote: Originally Posted by revolink24 Not sure when mine will ship, because I won't get the email or be able to see the status update (bought with my fathers account), but it's looking to be soon, order #5915 from June 12 Well mine has just shipped (order# 5943) so it looks like yours must have too
I don't know, I think some of those covers are pretty cool My choice -- So boring unimaginative lame
Yep, I think that there are a few of us here. I have a "working condition" WM-3 that I need to do some work on soon - new bands and head at least - but even in its current state it doesn't sound bad at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by seraphjei "I have a few of my own. Alva Noto is great, especially his works with Ryuichi Sakamoto. If you like the Raster-Noton type stuff, you may have heard of Ryoji Ikeda, +/- is easily my favourite work of his and his collaboration with Alva as the duo Cyclo is worth a look - although you may have heard these.
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