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Quote: Originally Posted by nealric Honest query about D.W. Griffith: I watched part of "Birth of a Nation" and pretty much had to turn it off in disgust. People keep saying it's a "great" film despite the racism, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me why that is the case. It just seemed like the standard old-time movie- like a stage play someone happened to film. I can see it as an important film from a socio/historical perspective, but I am...
D.W. Griffith? Elia Kazan?
Quote: Originally Posted by dimlyLit +1 He's the Andy Whorhol of music. Marcel Duchamp surely?
The point of course of 4'33" is that there is no such thing as complete silence in our world, you can lock yourself in a completely soundproof room and still hear sounds - the sound of your heart beating or blood pulsing through your veins, for example. I myself don't consider the piece itself as music, but I think that it is up to the listener themselves to decide whether the sounds/noise heard at the performance are or aren't music, everybody has there own idea of what...
Thank you for your compliments equalizer I'm very tempted to have a go at a point to point version, should be able to fit it in that spare Hammond case I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by Llama16 Wow nice job meme, that's a beauty of a case. Thanks Llama16, glad you like it! Quote: Originally Posted by scompton From the pics of the top it looks like a block of wood. That was the effect I was after - but I just glued the sides to the bottom of the top piece and covered the sides in the veneer cut from the same plywood, I only mitered the four corner joints. Basically I just...
Cheers scompton ~ It's amazing what you can do with some old bits of plywood lying about.
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