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  Looks like a lovely set-up kboe -  enjoy your fruits!  
It doesn't sound to bad either!   Don't know how it compares with the Woo and Mapletree amps, etc but do like its lively dynamic sound especially with the aforementioned phones.
Quote: That's an Icon Audio HP8, I've had it for a couple of years now and love it with the HD650s. The internals are designed in the UK but is manufactured mostly by Meixing in China, hence the outward resemblance to the MingDa MC-66.   A view through the porthole -  
Thanks kboe, that's really what I'm trying to achieve. Less clutter to dust around and all that!
~ Ye Olde Vintage Rig ~       Not intended as a joke, it sounds quite nice actually.
Please excuse the drab photography. System is in a state of transition, not using my record player at the moment as I have no cartridge so it's been relegated to the bottom shelf, in its place sits my recently acquired Esoteric UX-3.     Hoping to upgrade my 'stat amp soon to drive the SR-404 LEs better, currently using a SRM-006t.  
Wrong thread!
Relay : Archive 2007-2008 (Manual 2xcd 2009)     An excellent overview of the South Korean concert series Relay. Featuring work from improvisers such as Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil and Hong Chulki amongst many others.
While I most definitely don't think music in general, and you have to be very general about these things, has reached a dead-end (I'm a big fan of modern experimental music), I can't help but think that "melody" or whatever you would define it is somewhat a lost art, too my ears at least.
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