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Yay ~ Another CMoy!     My first(ish) crack at one, my initial board had a problem with distortion in the left channel so failing to fix it I made another.   Case is a small Hammond that I've cut to length (I could have made it a bit shorter) with panels made with wood I happened to find on the side of the road.     ~Please excuse the horrible picture quailty~     My first attempt was a lot neater underneath.
Thought I'd post some pictures of my recent 12AU7 effort.   All resistors are Ohmite carbon composite, capacitors are Vishay axial 'lytics and TAD mustards. Valves are JJs.     I've used the Hammond case supplied with the Beezar kit and embellished it with teak from and old box and fancy gold bits.     Chuffed that it worked first time with no problems ~ Cheers!
On the subject of SACD sound quality, I have found it to be generally cleaner (or sharper) sounding without that digital "hash" compared to redbook CD, you could call it smoother but more defined. So I would say there is a difference, in my system of course, but I wouldn't say that it's night and day.   I still see plenty of new releases when I flick through Gramophone or BBC Music Magazine so it looks like Classical fans are still being well taken care of, also...
If I remember correctly, the wires should be the following -   Red - Right + Black - Right -   Yellow - Left + White - Left -   Edit: You do actually have them in the right order.
Yep. Currently using a Sony TC-K890ES for recording LPs, etc and a TPS-L2 Walkman.
AKG K701 Dual Entry Recable.   Ingredients ~ Canare L-4E5S Cable, Neutrik NP3X-B Jack Plug, Braided Expandable Sleeving & Adhesive Heat Shrink.     My first attempt at a headphone recable, took a day to make and fit.
  Eric La Casa ~ L'Empreinte De L'Ivresse
Ranked by general everyday enjoyment. I've owned all these cans for at least a year so have a good handle on the sound from different amps/sources.   1. Stax SR-404 Limited 2. Sennheiser HD650 3. Sennheiser HD600 4. Grado HF2 & Koss PortaPro 5. audio-technica ATH W5000 6. AKG K701  
Tetuzi Akiyama / Toshimaru Nakamura - Semi-impressionism (Spekk CD 2009)     This release slipped by me as I usually associate Spekk with the 12k/abstract electronic side of things and not with eai as such, but it's an interesting collaboration between Akiyama's guitar and Nakamura's no-input mixing board's feedback.
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